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  1. Brum

    Finding the Right Domain Name

    Finding a right domain name is vital as it provides your company an identification that helps you to reach to your valuable customers. After choosing a right host, you need to give your precious time on finding a right domain name. Your domain name should be distinct from your competitors so...
  2. Brum

    Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools

    Here is a list of most popular (hope they still working, last time I checked them that were) Twitter tracking and analytics tools: 1. Twittercounter 2.Twitteranalyzer 3. Tweetstats 4. Twitalyzer 5. Twitturly 6. Tweeps 7. TwitterGrader 8. Twitscoop 9. Tweettronics 10. Monitter 11...
  3. Brum

    The Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Business Now

    The last one for this night. ;) One of the most asked questions I get is how to get traffic to my website. By the time I hear it, the person has tried all of the more sleezy ways of marketing, and so they're not having any luck. As an affiliate marketer, your job is much harder than if you...
  4. Brum

    My favorite Traffic generation techniques

    Hey all! Tell me your favorite techniques to generate traffic. There are plenty of techniques for sure but some must be your favorite. Every internet marketer has a common desire and that is to find effective strategies that can bring about effective results when it comes to traffic...
  5. Brum

    Ezine Advertising

    I just like to pick the minds of people about different forms of advertising to get a good idea of what most people see as effective strategies for lead generation and sign ups. I would say to do PPC 1st because that gives you live testing of ads and results for low cost, around $10 with...
  6. Brum

    What is success to you?

    There are many successful people out there. I'm sure that you could think of a couple right off the top of your head. But...is success having a good education or a good job? Is it raising a family? I have my own beliefs on what I think real success is but what I'm more interested in is seeing...
  7. Brum

    Best tool for web designing

    Hello friends, Please suggest me which tool is best for website designing. Please help me to choose a best tool for designing. As long as I know web designing is the process of design a structure of website which should be effective as well as attractive. If you want to design your website...
  8. Brum

    What is SMO? Social media optimization

    SMO is a way to increase your traffic. Simply it is known as social media optimization. Basically SMO stands for social media optimization. In this process we promote our product or business by social media sites with the help of different techniques. Basically SMO stands for social media...
  9. Brum

    6 Strategies for Launching a Successful Blog

    Another interesting article for those, who want to start powerful blog: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232478 Briefly: 1. Define the target audience for your blog and cater to that audience. 2. Put a unique twist on your blog's topic and content. 3. Add new content on a...
  10. Brum

    Best SEO Tools Matrix

    I could not resist showing you this guys: More: http://www.roidna.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/SEO-Tools-Matrix_ROI-DNA.pdf Any comments and additional suggestions?
  11. Brum

    Get More Followers for Your Google Plus Business Page

    Interesting article I have red. It is about Ways to Get More Followers for Your Google Plus Business Page. So here they are in a few words: 1. Create a Personal Profile In Addition to Your Business Page 2. Treat Your Google Plus Page Like a Micro Blog, and Post Valuable Content 3. Add...
  12. Brum

    Tearing Europe Apart

    Just saw an interesting graphic, that you might find it educational as well. :) All comments are welcome. :)
  13. Brum

    5 Lies That Come Out of Entrepreneurs' Mouths

    Need to read it. Strongly recommended: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232381 My favorite: Read it, and if you want, we can discuss it. :) Will be fun.
  14. Brum

    10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait

    Just have found something interesting that I want to share with you and I think will help you in your SEO. Interesting and proven to work. ;) More: http://moz.com/blog/10-extraordinary-examples-of-effective-link-bait What would it be your link bait strategy? :)
  15. Brum

    Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (2014)

    Something interesting I have found by browsing the net. Hope you find it interesting too. This report presents all the key statistics, data and behavioural indicators for social, digital and mobile channels around the world. Alongside regional pictures that capture the stats for every nation...
  16. Brum

    FREE access to Gettyimages.com images galleries

    As you all know Gettyimages.com is a web site, having millions of images collected in its galleries. Now the web site gives the chance to all bloggers, webmasters, marketers to get free access to 35 million images. Yes, you wrote it well. All for free. But why? Basically, all images have this...
  17. Brum

    Google Brand Search Question - How Could You List Your Brand in the SERP

    Hi to all of you. Once again I am having a question to those, who know how you can list your brand in the SERP. I meant all of it. Example: As I see, there is: Name of the brand, image, description, relates searches, in some of the "presentations" - wikipedia link to the page and so...
  18. Brum

    Predpriemach.com is worth $ 357,120.00. Is this for real?

    Hey guys. How are you today? Hope fine...you are part of a forum worth $ 342,000.00. What do I mean? I was looking for sites that can count the price. And I found this: http://www.websiteworth.biz/www/predpriemach.com It says: Which of those are correct. I am sure for those: PR,; .com...
  19. Brum

    How to add review tab to my Facebook page

    Hello everybody. Will use the forum once again, as I know that here are the people with that knowledge I do not have. Well, I thing that the title of the thread says it all. But will give an example to show you what I mean. I have (it is an example, not mine) Facebook fan page like this...
  20. Brum

    What is Scrum Methodology? Your Professional Freelancing Begins Here!

    I just promised to post something useful these days, and really hope to like it, but I bed you will. ;) Anyway, today I would like to share something that would be interesting for webmasters, but mainly for freelancers. It is the Scrum methodology. What it is? Here is a short definition...
  21. Brum

    Product reviews - great way to do affiliating

    I know that a lot of you have already noticed that product reviews work great if you want to promote your product or service. In this thread I will give some quick tips how I do it and why is working great for my affiliate site. :) So, let start. Some rules I follow when building my review...
  22. Brum

    Customizing WordPress category sidebars

    Sorry for writing you once again with a problem, but I see a lot of advance people here. Me question today goes like this - Hot to customize sidebars for every single category in my WordPress blog. Or fist I should ask - Is there any chance to do it without a lot of coding? I was looking for a...
  23. Brum

    How to mask my affiliate link?

    Hello guys. Wow, great place you have here. Hope to continue visiting the site. I am going right to the point. I have an affiliate web site (well, it is blog really) and I need to know how to mask my affiliate link. I do not want when a visitor put the mouse on the link to see...