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Will let you know. Not sure will it do the job, but at lease will have something, and I am not expecting to be so advance, as you know. :)

Does anyone try it? Does have any experience with it? ;)
I tried it and it is nothing more than adding your details of your site and social channels. There is more options like RSS Feed, new, and more. But the app will do almost nothing. It is better to get your visitor directly on your site, where can find everything.

Creating such an app for your business is Ok, but you need to know that is you want to be interesting, useful and attractive, this is not your tool. You need to write custom one.


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This looks kind of strange. Well, is not, but you do not need such an app for you business. It does not have any value. In other words - no one will download it on his mobile device. Yes, maybe it is something interesting and attractive for someone with a small and not so IT-oriented business, but anyway, try to make a mobile version of your site and this will be enough.


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От: Conduit Mobile - Put your business on a mobile appin 3 easy steps

@Brum - you nail it!

I've work on mobile since 2009/2010 and i've seen LOT of applications like that. But they are low quality and didn't survive long on mine devices.
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Do you know what kind of apps customers are looking for to create for their businesses and potential clients? Just want to know. For my personal statistic. :)

And as an expert here, do you think that to have huge success the app should have the following features:

- used by more and more and more people
- connecting / entertaining people
- one or more unique feature
- gives value

If the 3 above are well planned, I think that will be successful.