Do you have a blog for your ecommerce site?


I recently read about a shop owner having a blog for his ecommerce site that is SEO optimized to funnel visitors to his actual store.

Does anyone have a blog in this nature? Does it work well, as in gather visitors?

Naturally you don't want your blog to compete for the keywords on your shop's site site, but what if you want to attempt to bring in a more broad range of visitors through your blog without watering down your main site with SEO nonsense?

Any thoughts on this?


Yep, can give an example here: - great online store with blog section. Nice "tool" for attracting SE visitors by adding content on a regular bases. ;)

I personally strongly recommend having a blog on your online store. No matter what people think, it will force your traffic. You can always point the users from your blog to your products. There is no problem doing it. Even more, you can start discussions there, explaining more about the products, benefits, videos and more.

Also, it is a great channel to stay your site "alive" all the time and keep your clients up to date wit your latest news around you and your business. ;)