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    Check Out Great Mobile Games for Android from Our Store

    Are you searching for the best mobile games to play on your Android device? The following article possibly is helpful for you. We would like to mention here 3 games that you should try at once. Visit our Apk market - top1apk to download these game and play right now!

    The Walking Dead 1

    Being inspired by the comic and a film with the same name by Charlie Adlard, five parts of the adventure game The Walking Dead gives players exciting experiences when fighting zombies and surviving.

    The Walking Dead 1 is the story of survivors and their encounters with people trying to escape. Meanwhile, the Zombies appeared everywhere.

    In the game, you will become Lee Everett, a former history teacher at a university, suddenly accused of murder. He was given the second chance to live in a world devastated by zombies. It is the place with dead bodies in every corner and the surviving people cannot maintain their safety if they stop! On the way, Lee met Clementine, an orphan girl who saved his life from hell.


    The story begins when Lee is sentenced to murder and is being sent to prison by a police officer. While arguing with the officer, the car suddenly crashed into a zombie on the highway. It caused him to lose control and crash into the roadway, causing both of them to faint. After waking up, Lee was seriously injured in his legs and arms, and the policeman died nearby. In this case, surely you have to find a way to get out of the car and check if he is alive or dead.

    Lee looked around and found the key to unlock the handcuffs from the hideous corpse. Then suddenly, the corpse rises and takes Lee as if he will be his breakfast. Fortunately, he found a gun nearby and shot him with a bullet to the head. Not yet shocked, Lee looked around, zombies appeared more and more. With no other way out, he had to run through the forests and stop in a nearby village. This is where the story really begins.

    The characters are very well designed with different characteristics. However, the interesting thing is that depending on your actions in the game, your relationships with the characters may change. You can change the scene and dialogue in the game, as well as decide the life and death of a certain character. If you are keen on horror genre of game, The Walking Dead 1 free is a suitable choice for you!
    See more here to find more exciting games for Android!



    UNKILLED for Android is the second name on the list, this is a game developed by Madfinger Games – the creator of popular games like Dead Trigger. In the game, players will have to destroy the zombies that are roaming the streets of New York. With an extremely interesting plot, UNKILLED has been favored a lot since its debut.

    Joining UNKILLED apk, the player will be a guy called Joe and take on the task of killing zombies with his teammates. Initially, players will be instructed on how to join a certain party. After completing this step, in every mission, Joe will have one team member to fight with; however, Joe still played the main role in executing requests.

    In addition, at higher levels, players will receive other types of support that are very useful and arranged in the upper right corner of the screen. UNKILLED also instructs players to approach the new position through a counter displayed right in the middle of the screen accompanied by a directional arrow. Gamers can look here to know the next position of the corpse.

    Now, look at its features below and you will want to download and try this game immediately!
    Main features:
    The game has sharp 3D graphics, beautiful effects, vivid sounds, and a charming storyline. Zombies are designed quite sharply creating a thrilling background for players.
    A diverse weapons system with more than 50 weapons (including special missiles against the toughest, long-range, short-range, melee and heavy weapons) and many other guns for you choose.

    Many exciting modes to challenge gamers: "Challenge Mode", gamers not only complete tasks to follow the traditional storyline but also a challenging task when asking to kill more Zombie and try to survive as long as possible. Many other special battle modes like Sniper, Connect with friends to together fight and share scores with each other.

    Intuitive gameplay: players can move characters and shoot Zombie hordes very easily. Along with 3 complementary skills are displayed in the right corner of the touchscreen, one to heal, one to strengthen and the last to support extreme firepower from long-range missiles.

    Evoland 2


    Basically, Evoland 2 apk is like a successor to the Evoland-style version of the graphic to the storyline and gameplay. The story in the game begins when you are taken to a strange land. Some evil conspiracy is rekindling in this land. As you could not let the peace of this place be destroyed, you have no choice but to hold your sword and start the adventure. The most outstanding feature of Evoland 2 is a unique role-playing game, combining various genres, from shooting, slashing, turn-based combat like Final Fantasy or platform action like Mario…

    Many people realize that, when playing Evoland 2, you will be able to look back on the development of video games throughout history. You will enjoy the green game images with low resolution, then go up and give the images more color and smoother playback like in PlayStation.

    This part 2 of Evoland will be built with a more complex story based on a time journey and diverse characters with different forms and personalities. In addition, the gameplay is constantly changing according to the storyline, through each development period of the game industry and depending on each character's abilities at that time. Adventures are always an exciting thing for our lives, download Evoland 2 to conquer your own adventure.

    In conclusion, download these amazing mobile games from apk store right now to experience them and you will have the most relaxing moments. Read moreabout Android games, please visit our app store - top1apk and have fun!
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    hello Han Suum
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