How to setup an ecommerce business


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So you want to set up e-commerce business that is good opportunity to move ahead in the fast growing market? First of all you must know the feature of the e-commerce then analyses the market weather you get market or not. Search for client and finally invest you money for the business.

There are many type of E-commerce businesses, basic of all them have international transaction way and a quality acceptance world wide. Some steps, you should consider when starting your online business:

1. Decide on a domain name for your website. The domain name is the name you type into a browser address bar to go to a web page. Your company name is always your best bet. Keep it easy to remember.

2. Purchase the domain name and choose a web-hosting company. Your Internet service provider probably offers web pages to its users. There are also free web-hosting companies that offer a cheap alternative for ecommerce.

3. Explain your company and its history on your home page. Describe the type of products you sell, special services you provide and tell your visitors why your company is better or different from other companies.

4. Use your site-building tools to set up a shopping cart that will automatically update when customers put more items in it. If your host doesn't offer shopping carts, create an order form that customers can fill out and either email or fax to you.

5. Clearly state the payment methods you honor. If your company is not set up for credit cards, open a PayPal account. Customers will expect to be able to pay by credit card. A few will want to pay by check or money order. Accept those forms of payment. Explain whether or not you will invoice or open credit accounts for large orders and what the procedure is.

6. Take high-quality pictures of your inventory and write good descriptions of what each part is and what it's used for. Include specifications where appropriate. Keep your products pages current. Remove items that are sold out. Make price changes as soon as you can. Update photographs if the parts change.

7. Create a page that clearly states your returns policy, your shipping charges and shipping methods. Keep your shipping charges reasonable. Excessive shipping charges are one of the main reasons customers decide to shop elsewhere.

8. Make an FAQ for another page that has the answers to any question a customer might think of, like "How long will it be before my order is shipped?" Add to it as you answer questions you didn't think of initially. If you have an open store, think of the questions your walk-in customers ask.

9. Market your web page by submitting it to search engines, sites, social medias and so on, and making it keyword heavy. Think of the words someone would type into a search engine if he was looking for small engine parts and use those words on your web pages.

E-commerce method is fast and reliable approach on internet. The benefits of this method are countless for those who knows the feed back and have right approaches to meet their targets. Its a quick and fast source to receive prompt feed back and response from the global market. Use your creative mind to receive positive response from your target market.

Good luck. If someone wants to give us more information, he / she can feel free to do it. ;)


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Design and the functionality are the main keys when is comes to selling online. This includes many design principles like layout, color, lines texture text fromat etc if they all meet at a single page then make the some design which is more attractive and fabulous. So, I will go for #10 - Choosing nice and converting design as well as giving more and more options to your users.