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Hi to all of you,

I would like to present you one great tool that I have found while browsing the net. This is The tool is created by OnlyMega LLC and gives you the chance to create nice-looking animations, static or dynamic banners, slideshows, big and small sliders and any kind of digital presentations, that you will need to promote your product, services or brands. It is all web based, and you do not need to download and install anything on your PC. According to my experience, this wonderful web tool is easy to use, fast and the results could be integrated in your site within few minutes. All of the animations have professional look and will convert well for you.


You have full access to varied collection of templates and selection of images (any kind - from backgrounds to buttons), which in some cases could help you out create your image from the scrap. The tool has also paid membership, which is:

1. $9.99 per month for 5 animations
2. $29.99 per month for up to 40 animations
3. $49.99 per month for up to 100 animations, which is the package that large companies could need, but if you are in such a company, you probably have a designer. :)

Great options are also:

- The created images could be sent to other persons like developers, clients.
- Works on different platforms - Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, Windows mobile and Android.
- You can use it for free only for one image. If you want more, you need to choose a plan.
- It has Tutorials, where you can learn the basics.
- It is named HTML5Makef for a reason.


Good luck. ;)


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Yep, it is , actually. It's a great tool btw. Used it since 2 years

I used it just two weeks ago. It is great and can make wonder stuff with it. Is not necessary to be great designer. But to tell you the true, you will need professional designer when it comes to serious sh*ts. :)