Is Fiverr a scam?

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    I've been procrastinating about making a post or a blog article about this for so long.

    Is Fiverr a scam?

    If you type "is fiverr" in Google, the autocomplete function shows relevant results in a descending order and it sorts on the popularity and numbers of searches and visits.

    1. is fiverr legit
    2. is fiverr safe
    3. is fiverr worth it
    4. is fiverr any good
    5. is fiverr trustworthy
    6. is fiverr legitimate

    These are 6 out of 10 top searches connected to the search phrase "is fiverr". And that doesn't look promising.

    I'm a fairly new seller wasting some time on Fiverr and I don't put a lot of energy and don't ever market myself anywhere. If organic search gets me a customer, he's welcome.

    So not so long ago, I needed something quickly and I didn't want insane quality so I spent $5 for a Gig, an audio Gig. I needed a female vocal on my own instrumental track. I needed a "free for commercial usage" and exclusive -- audio vocal. This guy from supposedly "the States" offered exactly that, I liked his profile photo and description, I asked him if his vocals are exclusive, he said yes, and I paid. I left him a tip too. My instrumental is only one, never published anywhere, made by a friend of mine who's an American. I uploaded it to YouTube, the instrumental with the vocal, like a song, thing is, it got downed almost immediately and someone blocked my video worldwide.

    But why?

    It was a song. A not so famous song, and the lyrics were a 100% copy of that song. I nearly got my account suspended. The vocal was stolen, lyrics was stolen. A complete rip off. I reported the petty thief after he refused to refund my cash, got my money back in a day. So Fiverr has a politics to not transfer your money back to your card. They just send it back to your profile so you can only spend it on the platform on another Gig and recirculate the money back inside.

    So with these $5, what to order. Don't know. Let's just pick that. I ordered a "youtube video boost" this time, from two Bulgarians. I didn't expect much, but I expected at least some views. They were Bulgarians, same as me, at least some mutual respect, yeah? Gig said "organic 1,000 views" or something in that structure. Yes, my fellow mates, the "great" Bulgarians YoungCeaser scammed me nice.

    $5 again. I'm not for the $5. I couldn't care less. These two people, two friends or brothers or whatever, who cares, their name was YoungCeaser. One of the brothers is called Kristiyan Uzunchev (Кристиян Узунчев). They promised "organic views". So I ordered their Gig, and I waited for 3 days, and nothing happened. Deadline was met. I contacted the sellers -- the YoungCeaser, the "great" young Bulgarian YoungCeasers, and they promised they'll deliver my stuff. Next day my YouTube video got 14K views for just an hour. To make a comparison, I get 300-400 views per day, total. From 300 and to 14K and that's not suspicious? And that's real views? Come on!

    Spiked like nuts with all the views coming from Russia and Ukraine -- the top two scam destinations after Nigeria, Ghana and China. Not sure if you know, but that's against YouTube's ToS -- buying fake views, or any type of views on that matter, and is a pretty dem good way to get your account banned instantaneously. Hopefully, I didn't get mine disabled. I saw my fake bot traffic, I immediately contacted the brothers. Told them to stop whatever they were doing. For 4 days I got obliterated by fake traffic, contacted Fiverr when the traffic didn't stop and things got serious. 13-14K views every day, the same time afternoon, for one hour. Then views got removed by YouTube, of course.

    What you do in such instances is you remove your video and re-upload it again. It's the only choice you got.

    So that's clearly a scam. I get it. People want cheap goods, and these scammy sellers come and offer a golden egg served on a golden plate just for $5. Most people will try it. And that's where their money come from. From the quantity of the orders. Fiverr doesn't care and I get it, because they want their commission and as long as they get their money -- who cares. Fiverr gets 20% off the seller and a transaction fee on the buyer.

    I don't want to donate my five dollars to some scammer from Bulgaria, Nigeria, Canada, America or whatever. $5 dollars is $5 dollars. I can buy me something to eat, even get a movie ticket. But it's not about the money. It's about the principles. To not be a scammer and a complete and utter human trash!

    99.9% of the sellers on Fiverr are scammers from the 3rd world that don't even speak some basic English. The level of entitlement is insane. They demand work. Like people must buy from them, or else... And the majority of the sellers on Fiverr are from the BIP -- how I like to call it.

    BIP = Bangladesh India Pakistan. Cheap low quality labor, or sometimes no labor at all.

    You almost can't find anyone that's normal and professional on Fiverr if you didn't knew him before. If you knew me, and I send you a link to my profile -- it's fine. Or if someone close to you vouches for me. Sure.

    But you don't know me? You better stay away. I'm maybe a scammer from Sri Lanka.

    Those two Bulgarians -- the YoungCeasers, got banned like 2 months ago, so I guess there is some justice after all. Karma. The universal galactic Karmic laws don't skip on anyone. You cannot escape. There's a third silent party on every matter and on every deal we make.

    With that being said, now don't go and wait for Karma to be served, and don't rely on Karma to save you all the time, because Karmic laws work negatively against stupid and naive people too. For being too stupid and blunt, and also too lazy. Nature hates lazy as much as it hates arrogant. And it hates stupid. Careless animals die first in nature. The distraught mouse gets eaten first, from an owl, or from a snake.

    Don't use Fiverr unless you know the individual.

    See you around.

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    Март 19, 2014
    Fiverr is not a scam,fiverr is just a platform.There are many scammers there and the main problem is,that fiverr customer support just don`t cares about the users.This company only cares about it`s revenue(fees from every gig sold).
    All the "traffic" gigs are just bot/fake traffic,but who cares.Idiots are still buying tons of fake traffic,so fiverr makes more money.
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