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Do you wish to have something with which you can operate your device and access files without having to carry it wherever you go? Wanting to work remotely without the headache of carrying heavy devices just to access files is something that is not desirable!

Hence, came the concept of RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol. A software that allows you to access files and the whole device being far apart from another device you have with you at that time. So, you need not worry about how to be able to work anywhere you like and at any time!

An establishment of carrying some particular devices with you? We searched through the internet for RDP hosting providers and came across this first on the search engine provider named In the establishment of 2011, its founder Mr. Aman Singh made sure that this service is offered for free and with the best features so that no one goes empty-handed when looking for RDP Servers.

We searched a lot, but how did we find this hosting provider useful and worthy for the audience? We are going to talk about it further now.

How is Free RDP useful?​

How is RDP really useful, and is it something that can be preferred for comfort and easy working. Especially after the pandemic hit us, not going to the offices or other institutions was something that went out of options and getting online with everything became one of them.

So, how did help and has been helping people in various ways has been listed below:

Work from Home​

Accessing your office desktop or device to access files became simple using RDP. One can easily rely on RDP to get their files and access the work desktop and work confidently with it.
So, there’s no interruption while you work from home, and you are comfortable with all the access to your work and files!

School Projects​

Some school projects need resources that your device must not be pertaining to. Hence, one can connect to another device through RDP, use its resources and complete school projects without disturbance or shortage.

Online Gaming​

Gaming with lags and interruptions leads to nothing but your loss in it. Hence, online gaming needs resources that cause no interruption but smooth streaming. So, using resources from another device like the RAM, internet speed and others to stay connected and enjoy a proper gaming experience is something that RDP will offer.


Mining needs heavy servers to handle the load while it's working and connecting to a high capacity, and a LiteSpeed server device is preferable during it. Hence, RDP is something that comes in handy to easily connect through another device and work the process of mining easily.

Why choose as Best Free RDP Hosting Provider?​

The Best Free RDP Hosting Provider must have some specifically defined qualities. And RDPHostings proved that they have those in offerings with their hosting:


They have the best in-house ticket and email support to solve all of its user's queries. Whether technical or any other issue, RDPHostings will reply to your questions as soon as possible.
We also heard they will come up with a call and chat options soon. It’s a whisper that they’re working on it!

Premium Hardware​

With its data center in the Netherlands, the enterprise hardware offered by RDPHostings is certified and provides super-fast performance with advanced level enterprise networking with top-notch security.

OS Options​

Not only one, but there are two user-friendly operating system options to choose from while working with RDPHostings. Windows and Linux operating systems are offered by RDPHostings, depending on the client's choice as per their liking or requirements.

Easy to use​

It’s easy to start your free RDP server. All you have to do is place the order and leave it on the RDPHostings to proceed further and provide you with the services. Plus, the server is set up in minutes, so there’s no waiting involved.

The User Interface is self-explanatory, and there’s not even a single cause of disruption while working with RDPHostings.

Let’s start with​

So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with We did not take up a second to start writing about this best free RDP Hosting provider in the market, so why should you join them?

You can always use its free, upgraded, affordable RDP hosting options while advancing your business. They have been in the service for over a decade and have interpreted through experience the requirements and the quality of services they should provide for customer satisfaction.

With a reliable and secured network worldwide, complete control over the server and affordable prices, you can boost your productivity and work from any corner of the world. RDP software was built on the same terms as a hassle-free and the most comfortable process to work on anything you want.

And to carry on with the same RDPHostings work day and night. There’s also great news for you all: RDPHostings is working on more upgrades and will be coming up with much greater services with more and more resources!

Stay tuned for more updates and our talks on such great web technology companies!

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