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Hi all!

As the heading says, I need a long term (hopefully) collaborator/s, who would be able to write/rewrite for me on daily bases short texts in Viral Nova, Upworthy, Mashable, Bored Panda style. Perfect English grammar is a must, strong understanding of the nuances of American English is desirable. The perfect candidate would be a creative mind, as in this task the most important part is writing catchy headings. I am aware how it sounds, but I also know there are people out there capable of doing that with ease. My project will be needing 5 to 8 articles per day (as in the weekends 4 will be enough), as most of them will have just a few lines of text. I will provide the articles, which has to be rewritten, as I will expect the collaborator to add or cut off some of the text, depending on the quality of the original. The goal is to produce a lot of that "tabloid" type of content on daily basis. You can do it every day, or you can do more in advance - the choice is yours. It all depends on your style and manner. But I need to have the new articles ready to be published each day in the early afternoon. I don't mind if you share your part of the work with a helper, but I will not accept a drop in quality, which BTW, we will establish together in the very first days of our collaboration. I intend to pay per words count, but in case all goes well, I could easily switch to pay per hour.
In the long run I am open to discuss full partnership with the right person (team), as I intend to work on other projects.
Please, send your offers, notes, proposals using email service, as I will need some more info about you, some examples demonstrating your writing skills in English (which will be tested anyway) and any other info you would like to share. I prefer a person who is not engaged on another job. But a compromise could be made, if you can proof that you can keep up while working on another project, or if you are engaged in a steady full-day job.
Only serious offers, please. I am not just looking for a way to spill money. I need to get the project up and lead it to a successful level.

Thank you!


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