Repairing the computer at home


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1 Install - Troubleshoot software within 30 minutes.
For the expert team, we have many experiments, expected and troubleshootes faster, most thoroughly. East Computer always handles software errors quickly, such as startup, unplugged, no windows, no sound, no wifi. Hanoi meet, you know more cost savings and time.
2.Hardware hardware ensures the equipment protects the current page.
With the device of the page, full of robotic technical skills, will be first to change.
Apply the remedies for hardware in the quickest time.
East Computer received repair all hardware errors such as:
- Machine
- Water dropped into keyboard, key, mouse
- The attempt to screen as stripe, nho, white screen, not screen ...
- The attempt to Pin
- Can not audio, LAN ...
Replace the chipset, RAM slot, CPU socket
3. Rescue data and retrieve password:
Data Clients
Oriental Computer can save data in most data loss such as:
- Data delete, including both SHIFT + DEL
- Virus attack
- reading error failed, croaking, etc.
- vapors or work at high temperatures
- Impacted, wet in high humidity environment
- Chips Chipset or Fire Board, Dead Motor, sudden shutdown
Confirm password
If anyone 1 reasons why you lose your password like:
- Delete the passsword operating system
- Long day files do not open, forget passwords
- Password has changed that you know (by accident or intention)
- Password destroyed
- Password is set by a friend completely ignorant of that information
4. Provide genuine parts. Instead of, replace.
This is free currency service at With the universe, depressory from the distribute. Provide customers with the best at the most competitive prices.
Main components are importers, the best price.
Get the machine after too long fix.