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Hello english friends. Today i`ll show you, how to create wordpress site. Lets start!

First stage
We need to have a basic idea. Mine is a website containing IT news. You will ask yourself why exactly news. People are interested in them, a greater variety of keywords from to SEO, as well as earning a penny.

Second stage
Must have domain. I've already bought. Took advantage of the promotion of Eu domains. However, we are Europeans.

Third stage
Also a reliable hosting. I decided to try out a new service for my company. I will put the logo at the footer.

Fourth stage
I have chosen to use the system Wordpress. I have purchased a theme, so I'll use it. The choice here is to your liking. Whether you buy or use free. So let 's begin.
Now you need to install the Wordpress system on our site. Download the latest version from the official site of Wordpress, upload it to the web hosting and create a database and user, as well as the actual installation of the system. So far so good.

Fifth stage
Installing the theme of our site. Once we have installed site can change its appearance. This will happen by installing our chosen theme. After installing it, turn it on and make the necessary adjustments - Site title, description, colors and all sorts of goodies on your theme. Mine has a control panel and it can change many things.

Sixth stage
Additional touches by appearance. We will now proceed with the construction of the exterior of our site. First we will make a proper logo and favicon. Information - favicon size is 16x16. Already created are. My theme has a control panel and from there you can edit almost everything in it. If yours is not, just replace the original logo with the new one.

Seventh stage
Categories. Now is the time to add categories to our site. Because my idea is an IT site, we`ll add the following categories:
IT News, Software, Hardware, mobile and games. Perhaps unknown to you will be the Mobile category. It will contain news on phones, tablets and any mobile gadgets.

(i`ll finish the thread soon!)


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Wow, great post. Like it. ;)

In addition, I would like to write something here.

1. The idea of having a blog / site on WordPress in not enough, and most advanced marketers know that. It it really important to know what your site will be and in most cases - hot you will earn from it. News blog is wonderful - writing and providing news will never go older method to attract traffic to your site. Most of the biggest sites on the Internet are online newspapers and magazines. You decide whether the topic will be finance, health, it, pets, home and garden, entertainment and etc. A great strategy is to make it micro niche news blog - pet health, forex, furniture and so on.

2. The domain. I like .com, .net, .eu .... ;)

3. It is really important what service will use for your blog. In the beginning you can start with something small like shared hosting, but in future and the increasing of the traffic, you should think of something bigger - VPS, business plans and why not dedicated server, if your blog becomes bigger and bigger. Make your research. One-two hours of researching and analyzing will save you time, money and unwanted headaches.

4. The look is really important. You need to hive a designer or buy premium WordPress theme. Also think of your mobile users. After the installation, as @minimalvoice mentioned, you can upload your theme and start setting it up. Use the manuals and documentations in order to make it pro and fast. I do not recommend free themes with 2-3 links in the footer. Some of them have even viruses. So, be pro and do it like a pro.

5. Every premium WP theme has its own theme option, where you can customize the look and functionality of the site / blog. As I wrote in 4, use the documentations and manuals. One think that is not written in most sites selling themes and forums - think of buying images - do not use free or default. Making it pro is all about how much will you invest in your site.

6. This is a sequel of 5. Need to have profesionally made logo and favicon. You can visit also favicone.cc to get one.

7. Now is all about what you will have.

Good luck. ;)


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Very usefull info. WP is one of the leaders on blog / website systems so almost every enterpreneur is familiar with this system

I think that is a leader, not one of them. :) All others follow it, which means that there are far away from WP. Blogger comes second after WP, but still not even closer. ;)


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От: WordPress site creating

I think that is a leader, not one of them. :) All others follow it, which means that there are far away from WP. Blogger comes second after WP, but still not even closer. ;)

For blog system yes - WP is the big boss, but I mean WP is one of the leaders as an multifunctional cms (online stores, blog, magazine etc usages). It just can be modified for so much porposes.


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От: Wordpress site creating

Great job man. Wordpress is the most powerful platform for creating a website. You can make blog or busines website or even online store. It is absolutely free and there are great variety of plugins and modifications which are again free or with a minimal price for their functionality. You can modify it bacause it is open source and there are many resources for that. The best alternatives are Joomla and Blogger but they are far far away. And they don't have such functionalities.