My portfolio includes working (2004) as a web designer in popular local online news media holding (Web Media Group) for 2 years and working (2006) on a software interface design (Dobrosoft) for about another 2 years.

I co-founded Webdesign Bulgaria Group Ltd. in 2008 together with my business partner. My part on this management was taking care of all the projects. Our activity satisfied the clients of the company and I did my best to put its website on the top positions of Google. I am aware that a lot of experts in the field still feel envious about this, but it’s like a game to me – I always like to be first.

I was hired by a large company in 2011 where I have to prove myself everyday. They trust in me so I have to do it justice, therefore I keep its trade mark and my concrete work there confidential. And it is a matter of strict contracts that have no time limit on being confidential. Yes, I am a loyal employee.

Usability, HCI, Architecture and Affordance, Planning, Business Process, IT Project Management
Head of Web Designers



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