Големите промени през 2007


1. MIVA launches new vertical network

With the increasing demand for more highly targeted advertising
pay per click search engines are increasingly beginning to
develop vertical networks to supply that demand.

The latest to enter the field is MIVA, which has just announced
the US and UK launch of the MIVA Precision Network, a vertical
pay per click network designed to enhance targeting and in turn
drive higher value leads for MIVA advertisers.

The MIVA Precision Network, which is still in beta, will span 18
sectors in the US including big ticket categories such as health,
finance, sports/recreation, adult and automotive. In the UK it
will initially span 5 sectors: automotive, finance, gambling,
health/beauty and recruitment.

The new Precision Network will operate alongside MIVA's Core
Network which will continue to offer broad distribution and
deliver leads to advertisers across all sectors. MIVA's
Precision Network will offer narrower distribution and deliver
only vertical specific leads. Companies can advertise on MIVA's
Precision Network, Core Network or a combination of the two.

MIVA is offering advertisers access to teams of vertical experts
who will provide insights into areas such as traffic trends, top
converting keywords and bid landscapes.

According to Peter Corrao, Chief Executive Officer of MIVA, "The
MIVA Precision Network has been developed to give our advertisers
additional choice and flexibility depending on the specific
objectives of their Pay-Per-Click campaigns. The new Network is
designed to provide lower volume, higher value leads to
advertisers; while our Core Network will continue to provide a
higher volume of leads at a lower cost."

2. Yahoo!'s new ranking model

Yahoo! has just launched its new ranking model in its US market.
From now, both bid amount and ad quality will determine an ad's rank in search results.

The bid amount is self-explanatory - that is, it is the maximum
amount you're willing to pay when your ad is clicked. Ad quality
is much more difficult to pin down. According to Yahoo it is
determined by:

1) The ad's historical performance determined by its click-
through rate relative to its position on the page.

2) The ad's expected performance, relative to competing ads
displayed at the same time determined by various relevance
factors considered by Yahoo!'s ranking algorithms.

Yahoo! considers that the new ranking model will improve user
results by resulting in higher quality search ads. They claim
"When users engage with these higher quality search ads,
advertisers will receive more interested, valuable potential
customers, helping to drive better results for your business."