Друга идея за трафик от Фейсбук


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Тъй като идеята не е моя ви го цитирам така, както съм го видял:

"When you make a facebook fan page, which links back to your website, that page can drive plenty of traffic.

This is a simple commenting technique that works well:

1. Login to your facebook account, and switch from user, to page.
2. Open another tab with Google.com
3. Type "intext:yourkeyword site:facebook.com"

Ex: intext:kitchen site:facebook.com
intext:recipe site:facebook.com

You will get a list of facebook pages similar to yours. Go make some commenting on those pages.
Your comment should appear on the right side of that page.
Repeat process with similar words.
If everything done properly, in the morning you will see traffic increase.
You can use this, and similar techniques on other high authority sites, just find those where you can comment and leave backlink, be creative. So, instead of commenting on shitty blogs, you are doing it on high authority pages. Once you start getting traffic, this will ring the bell in Google, and he will rank you better in SERPS, which will give you SE traffic boost.

You still reading this? GO! "
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От: Друга идея за трафик от Фейсбук

Става ама чак пък "in the morning you will see traffic increase"
може да получиш някой и друг клик от тази техника

Евентуално на SERP-a ако окаже влияние е по-реалистично да се класираш по-добре.