Пишман SEO тарикат, да се разбира нагъл спамер


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Ей, наглостта няма граници на някои индивиди наричащи себе си SEO оптимизатори. Ей го един такъв какво ми е писал:


I just wanted to check the status of the links that I had sent to be removed from your site.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 10:21 AM, Collin Adams <[email protected]> wrote:
**** *****,
I am a partner with spyassociates.com. In light of recent Google updates the site’s link profile needs to be cleaned up, so we would like to request that you please remove the links to our site located here as soon as possible:

If you could e-mail me once this is done it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this e-mail and I will get back to you ASAP, thanks!

Е благодарих му за двата ASAP-a подобаващо:

Dear spammer,

thank you for your kind inquiry, with a request
your spam from three years ago to be removed from my site.

With great sadness I must inform you that for the three years in question,
the spam message you left have gained sentimental value for me. For that
reason, although you kindly requested it, mentioning “ASAP” only twice,
I could unfortunately not remove the message in question.

Of course, if you would like my pain from losing such a sentimental asset
to be remedied, I will reluctantly agree. I believe that $ 50 is adequate
compensation for the pain they I will suffer from the loss of such an invaluable asset.

Не си е счупил клавиатурата да ми отговаря, защо ли???

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Така се прави ! :) Каквото почукало - такова се обадило .. само последния ред нещо не е като хората :p


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Плъзнали са напоследък. И аз имам подобни кифли:


This email address was found to be registered as the owner of the domains listed below. There are a number of links on these sites which point to our client’s sites which we would need to have removed. The links are listed below for your reference:

Domain Linking From Page Linking to

10-на линка към travelex.co.uk/

We are unsure how these links were placed but we would be grateful if you could have them removed

Can you confirm when this has been done.

Thanks in Advance

Не виждам смисъл да им се отговаря. При мен цената за махане на един линк е само $4, но не ми изглежда, че са готови да плащат.