11 steps for Facebook optimization


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To those into Facebook marketing and specifically fan pages, Facebook optimization could be just as important as SEO. Facebook optimization is optimizing your page and posts to show better in the news feed. Here are 11 steps to optimize your Facebook page properly:

1. Don’t post too often. Brands that post one or two times per day see 19% higher interaction rates than those who post three or more times per day. Space posts throughout the week to avoid overdoing it.

2. Create a social calendar. One way to make sure you properly space your posts: create a content calendar. Glantz said that PCH uses a monthly calendar to determine when and what the team will post to Facebook.

3. Interact and be responsive. Keep conversations going to draw attention to content and increase affinity with fans. Nobody likes to engage in a ghost town, so don’t leave your fans hanging.

4. Make your fans’ lives easier. Post relevant information for your fans, and they’ll thank you by engaging back. Provide them with desirable content, whether it’s informative, entertaining or amusing, and watch the reach of your content grow.

5. Relate to current events. According to research released by Pew Internet, 51% of users who get news online use social networks like Facebook.

6. Be explicit in your posts. Understand your goals, then tell people exactly what you want them to do by using a clear call to action. Using a “like” or “comment” as the call-to-actions increases like and comment rates by 3x. Asking fans to “share” increases the share rate by 7X.

7. Timing is everything, so look at the clock. When it comes to Facebook, brands that post outside of normal business hours see the best ineraction rates. In fact, posting during “non-busy hours,” which fall between 8PM and 7AM, lead to a 14% higher interaction rate. Glantz said that an organized content calendar and insights provided by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud allow PCH to glean trends from its data, such as higher performance from photos posted later in the week.

8. Keep it simple. As Facebook’s Paul Adam said in a speech at the Facebook Marketing Conference, relationships are built through a number of lightweight interactions over time. Keep your Facebook posts short: posts with 80 characters or less have 23% higher interaction rates.

9. Ask questions. Questions generate 92% higher comment rates than non-question posts, so ask questions to generate content from fans. PCH keeps questions relevant to both fans and the brand, and often pairs questions with a photo. According to Glantz, the easier the answer, the higher the comment rate. What questions are you asking your Facebook fans?

10. Incorporate relevant photos. Different content drives different levels of engagement. In the time since brands started using Facebook timeline, photo posts receive interaction rates 39% higher than average. Text-only status updates receive interaction rates 12% above average, while posts with links or videos drive fewer likes, comments and shares.

11. Socialize content everywhere. Look to encourage social actions on all interesting content, as these actions will generate stories in the News Feed. There are few things worse than dead end content, so create social hooks to create a viral lift that will improve your chances of appearing in your fans’ News Feeds.

Blackhat twist: Sending likes, comments, and shares to your posts and page could improve your exposure. But remember to keep it as natural as possible.

Source: http://blogs.salesforce.com/company/...imization.html

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Awesome information. I practice most of the things you posted and it works. Just haven't tried that Black Hat part and suppose I won't, because I already succeeded to grow my page the usual way. I was using Facebook paid ads from time to time, though.