ASP.NET Tutorial using C# for Beginners


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Some interesting and useful content for ASP.NET. Came up from the dust. Really hope to be useful for those, who want to start using ASP.NET.

I will put it all in this thread. By clicking on the links you will get the needed information.

This is the dot net tutorial section. Here are shared many examples with source code and with proper description. Using Online shopping cart as the main example to understand the concept of .dot net in building a application website.

Platform: .net framework and Microsoft visual studio 2005Language used: C# (Old, but still doing some job. Please, update the info if you want.)

1. Introduction to ASP.Net

2. Getting Familiar with all the tools under toolbox

3. Validation in Asp.Net

4. Uploading files

5. ADO.NET Architecture

6. Inserting Values,pictures to the database

7. GridView Control and its application in

8. Data List Control and its application in

9. Master Page in ASP.Net

After Going through all the topics i hope you will get an overview of Application. Hope to update it and add more. I am not a big programmer, just sharing what I have in my library - unique and interesting I think.