Cashburners Affiliate Program Review

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Cashburners is free to join affiliate program, specially made for webmasters and site owners, who want to earn money online fast and permanently. The products are mainly herbal supplements - one of the most popular brand on the net with a great conversion rate.

Cashburners Affiliate Program is open to affiliates of all sizes, whether you are a web guru making 100 sales per day or someone with limited webmastery skills making 1 sale per month, the CB team is ready to help you make more money, and they will provide you with the webs best products to insure the highest conversions with the best payouts.

The commissions Cashberners offers are 40-50% and 10% of every sale your downline makes. Right now, the program offers and $50 bonus, added in your account after you sign up. It is free. A great number of our community promote the products of the company and most of them are reaching good monthly amount of money.

Cashburners offers:

  • Real time statistics and easy to understand interface
  • Free hosting for your Cashburners sites
  • Great tracing software
  • Milty-language templates, banners and more marketing materials
  • Options to choose you currency
  • A lot of payment options - paypal, paxum, wire, checks
  • World wide shipping for their products
  • Huge rage of products you can promote
  • Payments every week and on-demand
  • Helpful support and tools
Join the program today and find out how easy it is to make either $500 per week in your spare time, or why not $10,000 per week full time. Don’t wait any longer, your financial freedom could be just a few clicks away.

The program has it all. Everything you need to start earning money online
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