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Hello to everyone,
I have noticed that there are really pro works in the forum made by talented designers as well as contests. Having this in my mind, I decided to start a contest for creating company logo, business card, A5 flayer, А4 blank (template) and Facebook design (logo and cover). All for a brand new business. First I will need to see logo and one of the items, mentioned above (you can choose which one). Design winner must complete all required components.

The awards of 60 euro and a banner advertising for one year (on a company web site, that is now developing) will go to the winner of the contest. The banner is provided by you.

Payment method - Bank transfer, Easypay, Econt.

Activity of the company
Integrated Services of Buildings.
- Professional Home manager;
- Cleaning;
- Maintenance and repair;
- Maintenance of lawns and landscaping;
- Construction and maintenance of systems of guarding video, access control, intercoms and more.;
- Management of rentals.

Colors - what I think of is metallic gray, black, white and some orange line, but you can improvise here. I am looking for corporate style, not so intrusive and conservative at the same time.

Other description:
Logo - vector format, I need it for offline advertising for now, but I will use it for my site, banners and other digital materials as well as online ads (deadline - the end of the month).
Business card - looking for simple and conservative style.
A5 flayer - creating such, that will include our services we offer, our logo, and more details (you will think of them here).
A4 blank (template) - Blank for any kind of documents, offers, and other official correspondence. Design of the header and footer. Would be great the logo and the contact details to be included.

Additional information:
The name of the company could be changed and is not priority at the moment. The brand will be fmhm.
Our slogan is "Щастливи, заедно, под един покрив!"(cyrillic). Slogan should be included too. After I choose a designer, I reserve my right to require him to make some changes of the design.

Deadline - The contest stats NOW and ends on 25.09.2013 at 22:00 p.m. The winner of the contest will be listed on 26.09.2013 at 22:00 p.m.

If you have any question, I am ready to answer all of them.
Good luck!:|