Domain Name Life Cycle


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In this post I will try to explain the life cycle of a domain name.

1. The domain is Available for registration

The very first step is to register your new domain name. If you choose a name which is available for registration you can easily register it. Be advised that the maximum registration period of a domain is 10 years and at the beginning you can register it for at least an year. Also, some country specific domain names can have different requirements for registration, so you may check that before the purchase. If you are wondering which domain name registrar to choose for your new domain, you can always refer to GoDaddy or Name Cheap, because you can easily find good discounts for them. Also, you can purchase a new domain name through your hosting provider, if they offer such feature.

2. The domain name is registered and active

Once the domain name is successfully registered its status is being changed to Active automatically. After 60 days you can transfer the domain name to another domain registrar if for some reason you are not satisfied with your current one, or you simply want to manage all your domain via one control panel.

3. The domains has expired

Most of the domain name registrars will notify you around a month before your domain name expire. In case it is not renewed, 24 hours after the renewal date it will be automatically deactivated by the registrar. Most of the registrars will hold the domain, which means that your website will no longer be accessible and your email will not work correctly (if you have email accounts associated with that domain name). Also, some of the registrars will update the name servers of the domain, so once accessed it will show an advert page. In this period you can still renew the domain at its normal price, but you will not be able to transfer it or to manage its records.

4. Redemption period

40 days after the last period if you do not renew your domain name, it will enter in a 30 day period, which is called Redemption period. In it the domain is inactive and some registrars might remove it from their records. Note that you still can renew the domain, but the renewal price will be changed and you will have to pay a lot more than the regular renewal. Another option is to leave it as is and to wait until it is available for registration again. However, have in mind that once the domain is dropped and available for registration someone else might register it.

5. Pending Deletion

The last step in the domain name life cycle takes place 30 or more days after the Redemption period. In this case the domain is inactive and the registrars will delete it from their records. You can not renew it and you will have to wait until its available for registration again if you want to use it.

Note: the best option is to renew your domain names regularly to be sure that you will not loose them or pay unwanted additional taxes.


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