Domain names - Does .com really matter ?


I have always been wondering how come most popular sites always have .com domains. Is it better getting a .com domain than others. Does it make any difference to you ?

For me it does. A .com site looks more professional than some .info site.

Please share your views :D


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Yes, it's the trust and brand recognition
.bg for Bulgaria
.ru for Russia
.com for Bulgaria, Russia and the rest of the world
I don't own single .net or .info domain - only .bg, .ru, .com


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От: Domain names - Does .com really matter ?

.com is the most recognisable domain all over the world, so maybe it is the best choice.
Then come .net, .info, .org, .biz and other gTLDs
If you want to make a serious looking local project the best domain is the CountryCodeTLD of the country. And in this case I prefer it.
The ne gTLDs are not very famous and are not recognised by tha audience. And I haven't saw a lot of sites with them since now.