Dropshipping+Shopify+Payment Gateway /English Only (I'm Italian living in Sofia)


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Hey guys, how are you doing? I HOPE you don't mind I'm posting in English.

I'm from Italy and I work and live in Sofia since January.

I started dropshipping about 12 months ago, but I had to stop for several months because I was overseas on the move all the time (I lived and worked 7 years between Australia new Zealand and southeast Asia).

For visas reasons, I decided to relocate to Europe and I got a job in Sofia for an IT company. Lucky enough, I have my stripe account linked to my new zealand bank account, and my business PayPal account linked to my Bulgarian bank account.

I spent 3 thousand +USD in dropshipping courses, and I'm finally starting to see some results and actually only now understanding more and more how the game works (ads etc).

I'm about to invest 10.000 levas slowly and steady into the business, mainly for ads and paying the products, because as you can imagine or already know, cash flow is important and it's IMPOSSIBLE to scale without positive cash flow, which is ok if you get paid via Paypal (1 business day payment to your bank) but stripe takes about 1 week, and so if you scale hard you have to pay for ads and product in advance and you could find yourself struggling to put money upfront (that's why I kinda raised 10k to avoid that problem and be more confident).

One mistake I have read on this forum, which I found I don't even know how (I feel lucky haha) is that you guys focus too much into selling in Bulgaria.

Dropshipping advantage is you can sell ANYWHERE in the world, that's why I usually target first the big 5 (US, UK, AU, NZ, CA) and then move to EU if products work.

Sometimes only US, and see from there.

I can give some tips regarding marketing and the whole dropshipping game, as I spent thousands in courses and the latest I bought is being updated weekly with new strategies by who I consider my biggest mentor in the field. I'm not here anyway to sell anything, IN FACT, I would only love to connect with SERIOUS people in SOFIA who are doing or interested in dropshipping, to exchange ideas, learn from each other. I work full-time 9-5 and work on my business every day after work, and weekend all day long. I'm not having social life at all...I'm focused and hungry. If you feel the same, get in touch.

Anyway, all this preview and intro is followed by a question. I Need help to know what you guys are using as payment gateway beside paypal.

Because I lived in New Zealand, my stripe is linked to my NZ bank account, but I would love to find another way, because after processing big amount, my bank in new zealand might stop me and force me to open a company there which is not hard but considering the distance, it would be a pain in the ass.

Authorize.net did not answer me, and 2checkout I know it's a pain in the (__/___) as well.

Any recommendations?

Also, how hard is it to register an online business here in Bulgaria?

Thank you very much for reading guys. KEEP HUSTLING!!!!!!!


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It is not difficult to achieve dropshipping in Bulgaria. You just need the money and the desire
And also, do not rule out social life.
You can do dropshipping from anywhere in the world, but I see no point with selling in bulgaria. It would be impossible or almost to be as profitable as selling overseas :))

Regarding the social life, I work full time 9-6, and work on my store after that, weekends all day. Pretty much impossible to have social life right now... thanks for the message :)