Facebook automatic sharing script for sale. FBsharer.

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  1. garnet

    garnet Well-Known Member

    Септ 10, 2009
    What is FBsharer?

    FBsharer is a program which enables you to share links (and other content) in your facebook (fb) pages and groups. It does that automatically and all sharing can be scheduled on your local machine. FBsharer works on your local computer.

    FBsharer Capabilities

    1. No limit on how many facebook accounts can be used
    2. It is not a facebook app (runs locally)
    3. Can use proxy with separate proxy per facebook account
    4. No limit in number of pages/groups
    5. Win7 and win8 compatible (not win xp)
    6. Linux version*
    7. Easy to use
    8. Automatically loads you pages and groups ids
    9. Schedule all shares via simple excel file
    10. Select to which pages/groups to share
    11. Send everything (url, text)

    *- soon

    What is the reach after sharing with FBsharer?

    We have done a test:
    1 url to share
    share it in 3 natural pages
    the topic has nothign to do with pages topics
    We got the following reach:
    98 from 520 (~ 20%)
    416 from 1095 (~ 40%)
    1300 from 1475 (~ 90%)

    The above, of course, depends on many factors, but the fact that FBsharer is not an external app and works in your account increases the reach drastically.

    How do I work with FBsharer?

    We supply full manual. It will take ~ 10 min to start automatically share in facebook pages/groups.

    How much is it?

    Price of FBsharer is GBP 129*
    That is right 129 british pounds. Yes, less than $200. And, yes this one time payment only.
    No supscriptions.
    Just compare with hootsuite: $120 per 50 pages/groups per year, as a minimum.
    A simple example:

    if you have 150 facebook pages/groups, you will save $160 in the first year and $360 in every next year just by using FBsharer.

    *- plus VAT if you need invoice and you are in EU

    How can I pay?

    Via paypal

    Can I get a demo?

    Yes, from this page
    Demo will work 5 days and post to upto 10 pages and 10 groups.
    You will need free demo license. Get one by dropping a message to zapitvane@prodman.info

    How is FBsharerlicensed?

    It is licensed per computer.
  2. garnet

    garnet Well-Known Member

    Септ 10, 2009
  3. redrum

    redrum Well-Known Member

    Септ 2, 2010
    От: Facebook automatic sharing script for sale. FBsharer.

    From user experience: noone wants to see the url that they posted after it's fetched by fb. It's usually removed by the user posting. Can this be solved? For example I want to post a link and a comment in it's description. (Check out this article, blah, blah).

    Can you post photos with this script?

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