Finding the Right Domain Name


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Finding a right domain name is vital as it provides your company an identification that helps you to reach to your valuable customers. After choosing a right host, you need to give your precious time on finding a right domain name. Your domain name should be distinct from your competitors so that your clients can find you easily. But selecting a right domain name from a plethora of domain names is little bit difficult. However, a little bit creativity and a little bit knowledge can help you find a great name for your website. Here are some helpful tips that definitely help you a great deal in this respect.

Unique Domain Name

Choose a domain name that is unique and at the same time it must be easy to spell. It must leave a mark on your customers. It should be such that attracts your clients at once. To make it expressive you need to add words related to your business and products to your domain name. For instance, if you are associated with local business and products, incorporate words like city name to your domain. It helps you getting the local customers. Your domain name should be easy so that the online visitors can type it without any difficulty. They often lose concentration and feel agitated if they need lot of time in typing a single website name. Try to keep the name as short as possible as it allows them to remember it easily.

Choose the Right Extensions

Your domain name is basically consisted of two parts: one part contains the “unique name” and the other one is the “Top Level Domain” (TLD) or a “dot extension”. A domain name having different TLD extensions appears as a new domain name registration to several different web addresses. Most business people use the most general domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org. All these extensions are unable to provide you an unique domain name as these are mostly used almost by all. You can take the help of several other domain name extensions that will prove apt to your website such as .tv, .info, .mobi, .biz and so on. Regional domain name extensions are also available including (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .us (USA) and lots more. You can choose any of these local extensions based on your business location. The extension can also be used other than .com. It enables the customers to know that your business mainly focuses on the United States customers.

Spelling Rectification

Confusion and misspellings must be ignored. Your domain name spelling should be such so that your customers can easily remember. If you add hyphens and something that is hard to remember, your customers will end up with failures. He/she will type your website and end up with opening an entirely different website. Though adding hyphens to your domain name helps tempting the online visitors but avoidance of it will be fruitful as they are tend to forget that.

Shortlist the Domain Names

Make a list of some domain names that you find suitable for your company. Once you are done with it, now is a time for testing. Notice the responses of your clients, friends and relatives. Check whether you can pronounce it easily. If you get positive responses then stick to it. If not try another one. You can take some expert’s aid if you are in confusion. Search the internet to find out that the domain name you have chosen for your company website, somebody else is having the same domain name with different extension. If so change it at once because it can affect your company and customers.

Domain Name Registration must be Done as Quick as Possible

Register the domain name as fast as possible if you are ready with your domain name. Millions of domain names get registered every day. The name that you discover tomorrow might not be there the next day. This implies that internet business is growing at rapid speed and so as the online business competition.

Have a Domain Name with Several Extensions and Variations

Registering a domain name with various extensions and misspellings of it will be very effective as it enables the online users to visit your website even when they mistype your web address on their browser.

Your Domain Name should Talk for your Company

A domain name should be such so that it reflects the content of your company. The visitors can easily guess what your website is all about. For example, is a website that helps you building your career.

Domain Selection Tool

Websites like Domjax and AJAXWhois are free tools that enable you to get domain names for your business.

If all the above mentioned points fail to work for your company then you can obtain a domain name from a web hosting company. But to get the best possible results you should do a lot of research and a little bit caution is needed before choosing a web hosting company. Choosing a right domain name from a trustworthy company is very essential as the most integral part of your website business depends on the domain name of your company. Purchasing a domain name from an illegitimate company may harm your company to a great extent. Get in to a deal with a company who you trust for your domain name registration so that you can get its services when you need most.

Top 10 Domains as per ALEXA rank and their Present worth

Google: It is the greatest search engine of all. It enables you to get all kinds of information including images, videos and web pages.

Facebook: It is a social networking site that helps making new friends and sharing information, photos and videos.

YouTube: Get all kinds of videos songs here. You can upload, tag and share your desired videos.

Yahoo! : It is an Internet information provider. It offers customizable content, search results, free e-mail, pager, clubs and chatrooms. It is a search engine that offers search results in Chinese language. It contains multimedia that includes movies and mp3 music. PDA and WAP based mobile search have been offered first by in china.

Wikipedia: It is a free online encyclopedia that has been provided in multiple languages.

Windows Live: It is a search engine tool developed by Microsoft.

QQ.COM: QQ is China’s largest and most used internet service software program hold by Tencent, Inc in the year 1998. It offers the most well-known instantaneous messaging software service that includes online shopping, online social games, micro blogging, music and lots more to the customers. It is a site where a customer can buy anything online at lower price. It sells almost everything. Get movie and restaurant listings, gift certificates, editorial product reviews, gift registries and so on. It is a C2C (consumer to consumer) online marketplace prevailing in china. It is among the most visited sites for online shopping and occupies the 20th position in the world. Having more than 500 million users and 800 million product listings implies that it is the most striking shopping websites.