Firefox - Where Advanced JavaScript Settings Go ?


I use Firefox from the times when from the times i become a webamster almost 10 years ago... So Advanced JavaScript Settings was very useful for me time to time and think for others

but firefox think that chekboxes can kill opening of websites that way give them bad pulicity when inexperienced user remove javascript checkbox so they remove it from options....

I want to tell thet firefox guys that unexperienced people stop using their browser when they "accidently" remove shortcut from windows taskbar (they think firefox disappear) and switch to other browser - I do computer support for my extended family and got cases like that...

anyway there are sloution for Advanced JavaScript Settings in about:config

X] Move or resize existing windows: Uncheck this option/preference to disable moving and resizing windows using scripts.
In about:config: dom.disable_window_move_resize
(default=false, set to true to block sites)

[ ] Raise or lower windows: Uncheck this option/preference to make sure scripts cannot raise (bring to the front) or lower (send to the back) windows.
In about:config: dom.disable_window_flip
(default=true, set to false to allow sites)

[X] Disable or replace context menus: Uncheck this option/preference to prevent web pages from disabling or changing the Firefox context menu.
In about:config: dom.event.contextmenu.enabled
(default=true, set to false to block sites)