Gmail Meter or Hot to analize my mail


What is Gmail Meter?

From the official Gmail blog have announced a tool called Gmail Meter. It is a script that sends you a report of the way you use your Gmail and it is sent in the beginning of every month. The reports include:

Stats of the amount - the number of the important and marked with a star mails, the number of people, who wrote to you and who you wrote to, the number of sent and received mails and etc.


Daily traffic - contains the sent and received mails with the hours of the day.


Distribution of the traffic
- your activity day by day.


Categories - shows how you manage your inbox and how you categorize the mails.


Time for your answer - shows how long does it take you to answer your mails; how long does it take to people to reply you.


Without words - will let you know do you write long or short mails and what are the sizes of the mails you receive.


Size of conversations - shows do you partisipate in long or short conversations, do you exchange mails with same subjects.

Top receiver and top sender - shows with who you communicate frequently using Gmail.

How to install Gmail Meter?

Go to Google Docs and create new Spreadsheet. Open it and then click on Tools > Script Gallery. Write “Gmail Meter” in the search field. After that click Install. New menu called Gmail Meter will appear. Click on it and then on Get a report in order to choose what kind of report you want to receive. Sending the report will take time, so be patient, you will get the mail once is done.

This video describes the installation process:

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