Google Brand Search Question - How Could You List Your Brand in the SERP


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Hi to all of you. Once again I am having a question to those, who know how you can list your brand in the SERP. I meant all of it. Example:


As I see, there is:

Name of the brand, image, description, relates searches, in some of the "presentations" - wikipedia link to the page and so on.

Yes, I know, that MasterCart, from the example, is a big brand, but, I see it with not so big ones.

So, my question goes like this - what does it take to get your brand there. What you need to do? Now popular you should be, because this is the main element here, according to what I see. How long will it take to list it?

Any kind of opinions are welcome here and I will keep writing here in order to add information of what I find about this. Thanks for your post. ;)


Hello, not so familiar with this brand presenting in the SERP, but I took my time to read more about it. And, yes, you are on the right track. The popularity is one of the main elements here. If you want to get your brand there, you should work on this. ;)

In some sites, like, I red that is all about data, or in other words - information. As we can see the most of the businesses having this run strong social campaigns. Well presented in Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Wikipedia (as you mentioned) and so on. The first step it this - make your channels good enough. The second, you should have a lot of brand results in the SERP. The results can tell Google are you familiar to people browsing the net. And if YES, well, this coming next, according to the information on the site.

The main goal is Google want to give more control to brands that deserves it. Of course will appears only when the search is strongly associated with the particular brand names.

Don't worry, soon thing will be like this: Google Testing Huge Banner Ads For Branded Queries. ;)


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Thanks a lot. So, I see. The more popular you are in Google's eyes, the best option you will have for your brand in this search engine. Thanks for your post. Does anyone else have something to share about this? Would be great to see more opinions here. Anyway, I see what should I done. ;) In other words, investing in your brand is the key to succeed.