Google my Business - Suspended


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This location has been suspended due to quality issues.

Някой имал ли е такъв случай за БГ?1.png
Това е отговор 1

Thank you for contacting Google My Business team.

It’d help if you could respond to this email with a scanned copy/link to your business registration/license for practice as that would allow us to ascertain your claim as the rightful owner for this business.

Here are examples of acceptable types of business verification proofs:

- A scanned copy or a link to your business registration showing your business address

- Business License showing your business address

- Utility Bill showing your business address

Once we’ve received that information, your page will be reviewed and if it complies with our policies, we’ll lift the suspension.
Пратих им линк с данните от фирмата.

Последва отговор 2
Thank you for contacting Google My Business team.

We've looked at your account and it looks like your business is not eligible to display on Google Maps per our quality guidelines. Check out our guidelines for representing your business on Google to see what types of businesses are eligible to be on Google Maps.
И общо взето да си гледат работата, аз няма да им играя по свирката и да си раздавам лична информация, заради някой и друг клиент отгоре. Който иска да им се гъзи.
И без мапсове ще мина:)
И по тегаво ще става. Някои онлайн услуги за да се ползват (рег) вече изискват като минимум поне да имате профил във фейсбук или линкедин..... ахахахаха :) :) маата сие...аааааааа :D
Веком Ту Новиот ред - дека всички сакат да ви имат поне дупе ахахахах