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i offer graphic design for all kind of areas:

* Logo, Banner, Backgrounds, Flyers, brochures, business cards, billboard graphics, site elements etc.

All the materials are static (non animated) and they are created with Photoshop.
I am working with photoshop for about 7+ years and i have experience for all kind of niches.
All the materials are created with high resolution density and it's possible to convert them in vector graphics.


Logo: $21 USD - Bulk price (3 or more): $17 USD
Banner: $10 USD - Bulk price (5 or more): $7 USD
Backgrounds: $21 USD - Bulk price (3 or more): $17 USD
Flyers: $15 USD - for 2 pages
Brochures: $20 USD - for 2 pages
Business cards: $20 USD - for both sides
Billboard graphics: $30 USD

All the payments are made with PayPal before i start the creation process.
After the job is done you can ask for changes in period of 1 week.
I preserve the right to reject your request for graphic creation.

Contact me at email: [email protected] or private message here.

Little snippet of my portfolio:


Company Logos: