How to fix this php server erorr in oscommerce


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I am running an osCommerce app on I'm not a php expert though. I recently found that some admin pages give errors. I narrowed the problem down to the following line:
$pIDlist_array=split("&", $_SERVER["argv"][0]);
$_SERVER["argv"][0] returns always NULL.

I think it's because "register_argc_argv" is off in global php configuration.
I created php.ini in the web root directory and the file has register_argc_argv = on. But it doesn't seem to override the default option. So here are my questions:

- Can I override "register_argc_arg" in my php.ini on Do you have experience with them.
- If I can't change "register_argc_argv" option, what can I do?
- I want to avoid modify all source codes. But if that's the only option, how should I change the problem line?

I need your help, thanks in advance

Torbalan Trolski

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register_argc_argv is off by default for performance reasons.

This should do the magic
if (php_sapi_name() == 'cli') {
    $pIDlist_array=split("&", $_SERVER["argv"][0]);
} else {
    $pIDlist_array=split("&", $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);