I Need a Better Host -- Any Suggestions?


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I've been using windows provider for what seems like an eternity, and I've pretty much had it with their craptacular servers and their uneducated support staff. It's time for me to move on.

At least once a month my server will go down completely for a matter of hours. I think that once it was a scheduled outage, but usually it is just some mystery that they never seem to explain. On top of that regularly occurring outage, I frequently have problems accessing MsSQL, which inevitably results in my site generating 500 errors.

I've complained until I'm blue in the face, but conversations with support usually result in me doing all of the work to check things out while they just post still checking messages to me every 5 minutes and then say they are opening a ticket with a higher level of support. That higher level of support typically comes back to me the next day with an explanation that in no way relates to my problem, making it obvious that they do not know what they are talking about.

So, I've had it. I need a new home for my sites. Here's the deal...

- Please just recommending windows shared hosting. I'm not at a dedicated level or VPS.

- I don't mind paying as long as I get what I'm paying for. But, I want good service, not a bargain basement price.

- I need a company that can transfer my sites for me, as I do not have time to. But more importantly, to do it correctly.

- [optional] I have searched on google and I get interested with asphostportal.com, any body have experience with them?

Thanks for your advice


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От: I Need a Better Host -- Any Suggestions?

Guys just lol. First of all, ask the person where is the target location of the web site(s), how many users etc. If they have sites in California or Australia, a European hosting is by far not the best solution.

1. Define your geo target 2. Make a list with providers for your area 3. Make sure they have a 30 days money back guarantee and a resonsive support and test their service for a few weeks with a clone f your web site. If all goes well - migrate.


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От: I Need a Better Host -- Any Suggestions?

No, but we are a Bulgarian (Europe based) forum. This company doesn't seem like operating in Europe, so I guess it is normal nobody has heard of it. If you are not doing a cloaked propotion for it, you better go ask for opinions in webhostingtalk.