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Do you run highly successful online business based on a highly valuable web application and server? What is going to happen if that software is hacked, all users data - stolen or the code broken by malicious intended hackers? We can test and protect it !

About us:
We are an IT Security team of specialists from Bugaria, Europe that are looking for more satisfied clients and good recommendations. Our company provides the service of security auditing of various new web applications, web sites and servers. The main goal is to conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing on your platforms to identify all security holes and keep your digital assets protected from the outside world. Our company is registered in the applicable register.

Our methodology:

Essentially, our steps includes, but not limited to application scanning, penetration testing, internal/external scanning. The methodology used depends individually from your digital assets. First we will sign NDA and you will prove that the asset is yours. Lastly you will receive a detailed report on what we found, full how-to, recommendations to fix all security issues and references. If you need we can send you an example report (anonymous, of course).

Our services includes also a vulnerability management service. We can monitor your servers security and inform you and your administrators about all security issues.

The payment depends on the task and starts from $120. We accept PayPal and bank transfers.

Our Services:

  • Security audit of Web Applications / Web Sites / Web Services and Servers
  • Vulnerability Management of Servers and Workstations (Linux/Windows)
  • Vulnerability Assessment of WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla CMS based portals and platforms

Usually our service takes 2-4 days to complete. We don't take money upfront and prefer using of system.

How to get in touch with us:
Feel free to write us and ask any questions on PM or on the Service Contact Form

Best Regards and looking forward to hear from you.