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    Юли 19, 2017
    My story started back in 2005, in Sofia, Bulgaria. I started my very first project with a couple of friends while still in school. Initially we built a website for video games. We thought that it would be very easy to monetize it since we had a huge user base. I quickly found out that you cannot monetize anything if you don’t understand the integral information and visitor behavior. Shortly after, we launched our magazine in addition to the website, and subsequently went broke.
    This is when I decided to start learning business and marketing. I wanted to build successful products and businesses. Therefore I started, and a few years later I figured that I could do it for other people as a service. Learning and experiencing different industries showed me unlimited opportunities for monetization. I helped a lot of people build their brands and companies. Later, in 2011, I moved to the Varna and started working with business owners on a bigger scale.
    This is my story.
    What do i do?
    I know you want to start already, but every project requires attention. Planning is the basis for a successful project. I will spend some time studying your business with you, and prepare detailed guidelines and milestones before we start.
    Sales Funnel
    Oh, you don’t have a sales funnel? Creating a funnel is basically the backbone of your marketing. This is the process of acquiring a customer, up-selling them and re-approaching prospects with new offers. I will help you find the right sales funnel and optimize it to get as much profit out of it as possible. Creative Direction
    Your smile is your business card. We have to make sure your website and brand identity looks like a 24K smile. No, you can’t keep using the logo you made yourself 10 years ago! Also, you can’t have that button there just because you like it.
    Advertising is Gold
    Calculating budget and cost per acquisition is not as easy as it seems. Figuring out the right channels is a process that requires you to have the previous four steps completed first. I can advertise anywhere you want and spend your money, but I won’t, because I’m not an ad agency. Search Engine Optimization
    Everyone will offer you SEO, but before you even get there, we have to go through a lot of structural and organizational details. Unfortunately, SEO is not adding keywords and blog posts anymore.
    What is automation? Automation is taking every single time-consuming process in your business and automating it, using custom or ready-made software. I will analyze your business and see how to simplify it so that you can focus on more important money-generating tasks.
    I Focus on Intelligent Growth. How Do I Do That?
    I help my clients think out of the box and look around corners.
    I Bank On Innovation
    I take pride in the years of experience I have in launching innovative products and services, successfully helping companies attain exceptional growth. I Pace Up Market Demand
    I’ve got an energetic team of integrated and digital marketing artists, who know how to orchestrate revolutionary campaigns to trigger double digit growths for my clients. Improved Performance
    My marketing gurus and data-scientists make use of thorough data insights to optimize the growth results for clients by ensuring proper navigation of growth elements. Want to outmaneuver your greatest digital marketing competitors?
    Let's Start!
    We already have everything in place. Remember, every product could be sold if you have the right approach, structure and STORY!
    Drop me a PM if you are interested.

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