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Hi folks. Would help me out with an advice here.

For a long time I've been looking and searching for a free WordPress themes, which I want to be clear as a design, but I can not find such.

I want clear design, without slides, without HTML5, Flash and what so ever. What I want it design, where I can put my logo on the left part of the header and banners in the right sidebar. Noting more, nothing less.

I know that I can get any theme and customize it, but just wondering is there something already done. Before start using WordPress as a free platform, I was using Freshblog for my projects. I think, that most of you know it. Well, I want something similar.

I will be happy if you point me to some solution.

Thanks in advance for your answers and all the best.
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Free Responsive WordPress Theme

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Free Clean and Simple WordPress Themes

Older theme is - tenty twelve http://wordpress.org/themes/twentytwelve

Something like this one, but responsive (twenty eleven, which is much more older or twenty ten - remove the image from the header).
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