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I am a Wordpress developer with 5+ years of experience with the application and a few more than that with website development in general. In my work with Wordpress it has proven to be a a two sided coin when it comes to loading speed. The application itself is one of the most optimized and responsive ones out there. However the ability to add content and plugins with a single click and the graphic themes that most websites use can make it a slowpoke. I can turn that slowpoke in to a race car for you.

Now, why is website speed SO important in 2015...

Google, google, google! Looks like all webmaster are trying to impress Google. And they really appreciate fast-loading, clean-code websites and has always rewarded them with better SERP. Google's obsession with loading speed became really apparent after the release of their speed checker tool in 2011. If you are aiming for generic traffic (and who isnt ?) you should pay attention to your loading speed as much as you care for your contents uniqueness, for instance.

Additionally loading speed significantly improves your user's experience. Nobody has the time to wait on lines nowadays, specially when there is another website selling the same thing just around the corner. More than half of US online shoppers claim that if the website is loading too slow they will not make a purchase (as researched by Radware (radware[dot]com) Another thing that the same guys noticed in their research is that internet users expect loading speed to decrease in time. A website that took 6 seconds to load in 2010 suffered 40% conversion hit, while a 2014 website with the same loading time lost more than 50%. As a matter of fact it your users expect for your websites content to be displayed in less than 3 seconds. TheStrangeLoop (thestrangeloop[dot]com) found out that every second of delay causes you a 7% conversion loss.

What do I do to improve your Wordpress loading speed:
The service starts with a detailed review of your setup, including your host, application configuration and your content. Afterwards I will provide you with three different quotes with different tiers of optimization. They include static content optimization, plugins and addons revised, cache optimization(static, dynamic and memcached), altering your access rules and more, all described in detail for your convinience. Your websites loading speed is monitored
throughout the whole process to ensure you that you are getting what you are paying for.

Why choose me?
I am experienced, fast paced and will provide you with a service that you will want to apply for all your Wordpress websites. Flexible pricing and money back guarantee if you are not happy with what I have done. Additionally I can stay in touch with you while optimizing your website in a time convinient for you if requested.

All questions and quote requests are welcome via Personal Message.

Thank you for your business!