Online Marketing Help: Driving Traffic To Your Blog and keeping them coming back


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Driving Traffic To Your Blog (and keeping them coming back).

Think about why you would read a blog. Perhaps you love motorcycles and you want to read about all the latest and greatest parts to new bikes. More specifically, you love Harleys and want the latest and greatest on Harleys. So, you find a blog that talks all about new Harleys and now, you are a reader. It is all about great content. But a question I often receive from small businesses who are trying to increase their blog traffic is … how do I get there?

It is as simple as – get started with a blog – and as complicated as permalinks. Here are ten things you need to increase your traffic, visibility and readership of your small business blog:

1. Start by finding the right keywords for you target market. In the case of a Harley Lover, your keyword might be New Harley Information or Harley Motorcycles … to find that, you need to find your relevant keywords at (You can also receive my free 10 day marketing e-course that goes through this in more detail).

2. Relevant Content – make sure your content reflects your blog title and the overall branding of your blog: what you are about? Does each blog post reflect that?

3. Submit every post to blog search engines You can start with Blog Catalog as a great resource.

4. Post comments on others blogs with similar content and so the comment links back to you and that person might check out your blog as well

5. Bookmark your blog on places like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious

6.Participate in forums as a way of becoming an expert

7. Write articles and submit them to free e-zine services (this is called article marketing) Your articles are then available for other web sites to post, making you an expert and linking back to your blog.

8. And, of course, promote your blog and blog posts on your social media – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Overwhelmed? You can always start small or outsource this vital part of your marketing. Success is within reach – please, leave your comment or question here. Would love to answer you guys. ;)


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