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Jekov Plamen

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This extension can be used only by registered users and its providing amazing experience for your registered customers. This extension can only be used for clothing stores.

Notice: This extension is still in BETA version. This extension does NOT use VQMOD. This extension requires ionCube loader in your hosting.

If you own a clothing store and want to take measurements from your customers and provide them with the products only fitting their bodies this is the right extension. The Virtual Fitting Room will suggest your customers their best fits for every product.

All suggestions for improvements are welcome. If you want this extension for your store we strongly suggest to contact us for integration. Its free!


  • Customers can add/edit/view their own body measurements
  • Customers can view products only fitting with their body measurements
  • Customers can view measurement/size compare table in each product
  • Suggest your customers their best size for his/her body
  • Safe money from return requests
  • Give your customers unique experience


  • Products Filter - display list of products that fits only your current viewing customer
  • Virtual Fitting Room - Measurements Table integrated in the product which compare your product size to your customer measurements
  • Body Measurements - Your customers can safe/view/edit their measurements taken from his/her body

NEXT VERSION (20.04.2014 release date)

  • Recieve health reports for your customers from certified doctor in the backend
  • Try your product directly on their own generated body avatar
  • Customers will see advisors (Health & Tailor)