Paraphrase and translation BG <=> ENG (low prices)

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I'm offering my services in the field of paraphrasing and translating texts and articles from English to Bulgarian and vice versa.

The prices I appoint to each of the above-mentioned are as follows :

translastion (per 100 words) - 0, 90 lv / 90 pence
paraphrasing (per 100 words) - 0, 90 lv / 90 pence

I do the job rather quickly (I usually complete 10 pages for about 2 days, maybe less depending on the text)

I could translate a text around 200 words (free of charge of course) for anyone that is interested in order to verify the quality of my working before engaging any further.

For more details PM me or write a post in this thread regarding questions or objectives.
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