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Hello friends,

My name Stefany and I am a computer programmer. Over the past 2 years I have created 15 websites, the most prominent being:

1. Social Network for the Texas Tech University;

2. Web-shop for a 4d Go player;

3. Personal history blog;

4. Another web-shop for a Bulgarian company;

5. Homepage for a Bulgarian national newspaper;

My major skills include:

Front end - XHTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back end - PHP, Perl, AJAX

Databases - MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB

CMS - WordPress


Frameworks - CodeIgniter

E-Commerce platforms - OsCommerce, Magento

I am truly confident to create any kind of website, web application or script. Just send me a message, thank you.
Portfolio with all the websites I had created so far and my programming blog -
Github -

CV -

Email: [email protected]
Skype - age_of_empires3

Thank you very much!

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Dear Stefany,

Although your experience and CV looks good, your website that I think is your "face" in front of online community, needs very hard work.

No one will trust you/your skills once he/she has taken a look at your website.

Please do not take above as a nagging at you, but as friend's opinion and advice ...if you could.

Wish you good look!


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От: Programmer for hire

Hi everyone!

I want to share my experience working with the “programmer” Stefany.

In September 2015 I contacted her through a website for freelance programmers offering their services. I needed someone to work on a small project for updating PHP code for an existing website.

She asked for 50% of the money prepaid and 50% after approving an example of her work. I accepted her conditions; she worked for 2 weeks and then shared an example that didn’t meet many of the initial requirements. And she tried to persuade me that this could also work for the client. After I refused to approve her poor work, she said she had no time to continue working on the project as the client was ‘always changing their requirements’.

I tried reaching her on the telephone but she hung up once she understood I was calling. She didn’t answer any of my texts or emails where I was asking her to settle the case together as professionals.

Needless to say, she did not return any of the prepaid money. While she did nothing useful for the project, and gave up when she felt she does not have the knowledge to complete the job.

So, please – be careful with Stefany, a poor programmer with absolutely no professionalism.

Thank you!