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Продавам сайта www.vlez.me

Фунцкиите са му уникални. Много е лесен за работа..
(Скрипта е купен, това са му функциите..(готова система, която се продава))

Social-Friendly This script is now much more social-friendly. All pages have their own thumbnail, unique title, description and video embed code (Youtube only). Want to give it a try? Share this URL on Facebook and notice the thumbnail, title, description, video and the URL:

jQuery Driven With Fallback
The URL shortener script is built using the powerful javascript library jQuery. Awesome effects have been added to provide an amazing user-experience while some advanced techniques have been used to make your website spam-free. Script automatically uses fallback when javascript is disabled.
New Splash Pages
Script now automatically creates dedicated page for media URLs such as Youtube, Vine, Dailymotion, etc . Users can now create a custom splash page and this can be a paid feature .

Private Service
Are you looking to use this script for your own purpose? No problem. Just enable the private option in the admin panel and only you and all the accounts you only will create will be able to access the site and use the features.
URL Bookmarking System with Bookmarklet
URLs are automatically associated to registered users and are saved on their account for future access. Users can now drag a bookmarklet tool to their bookmarks bar and instantaneously shorten the URL of the site they are viewing.
Anonymous User History (new)
Anonymous users can now keep track of their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can easily be enabled or disabled from the admin panel.
Facebook Connect and Twitter Login
User can now instantaneously login using their Facebook or Twitter account.
Easy Translation
You can easily translate this script to any language you want by using the built-in language manager. Create a new translation, edit old ones or even deleted them with a click of a button. Everything is now automated meaning that languages will be added to the menu right away.
Geotargeting System
Users can choose to redirect visitors to a different page using their location. This option can be disabled from the admin panel.
Advanced API System
Powerful API system requires users to authenticate using a unique API key associated to them upon registration. All URLs generated by a registered user get automatically saved on their account. The API system can output in JSON, JSONP (useful when requesting using javascript) or text format.
URL Validation & reCaptcha Plugin
Extensive validation and URL filtering-system gives you the peace of mind. Several options are built-in to automatically disable “inappropriate” URLs or domain names (including tlds) from being processed by the system. The script also comes reCaptcha and SolveMedia Captcha. If enabled, the Captcha system will only be shown to anonymous users (users not registered).
Full-Featured Administration Panel
Powerful administration panel gives you total control on your website. It gives you the ability to manage URLs, users and custom pages. You can also control all of the features from the admin panel by enabling or disabling them with a click of a button. You can control Advertisement, reCaptcha, Frame, API System, User Registration, URL Filtration, Themes and Maintenance and more.
Responsive Template with built-in Template Editor
You can easily edit the layout and the theme to fit your need with the new in-script editor. Templates have been tested on all modern browsers and mobile devices.

Extensive Documentation
Extensive and thorough documentation helps you understand all aspects of your website

Може да си правите Splash Страници, да съкращавате линкове с реклами тип adf.ly

Като цяло сайтчето е много готино, има си статистика всичко..
Превеждал съм по-голямата част от сайта, мисля, че има още за превеждане, но не ми е трябвало, защото си съкращавах линкове и си ги пусках по фб страници..

На ден сайта генерира от 700 до 1500 клика от линковете, които са се "Short-нали"
Има 27 регистрирани потребители
583 съкратени линкове
116 027 към момента кликове по линкове(29.03.2015 14:09)

Цената, която му търся С ДОМЕЙНА е 400лв
Ако сайта не се продаде до 05.04.2015 го спирам от продажба, подновявам домейна, и чак догодина ще имате шанс за покупка :)