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Hi guys. Recently I've introduced in my forum an award system for more user engagement.

Honestly I've spent a lot of time to set up the awards. In my case I've combined the awards with forum stuff and the website niche.

The final result was more than satisfying and now , 3 days since the award system's intro my forum activity is grown about 15%.

That's why I've decided to share some trick about this system and how to organize things.

I am using IPB, so the mod for it is this one (link)

For every famous board CMS there is some sort of addon, so you can DL it freely or for small amount of $

Okay, you have installed your award system and now it's time for set up the awards.

Important: It's very nice if you can combine website nich with the awards, that's will affect more users to participate.

I've introduced 20 awards and when someone get i all will be awarded with a TITLE + a small star to the profile field.

You can gief some similar final award or even some prices if you can afford it.

Finally, I will tell you some achievement examples for gettin' some impression of it.

1. Intruder - Make at least 300 posts in the forum

2. Pedant - put avatar, signature and gender to your profile

3. Searcher - Create a poll wich must get at least 10+ posts in it

4. Regular - do not being warned by the stuff for at least 3 months (if you have some warning system)

5. Director - post a video on forum wich will lead to at least 10 posts (or upload a vide on video system if you have one on forum)

6. Crucial contribution- make a post that will become popular (if you have voting system for posts)

7. Mr. Popular - Make 100+ reputation

8. Persistent - visit the forum in 5 days in a row

9. Hero of the day - Make at least 20 post for one day

10. The voter - Vote and anwer of at least 5 polls in the forum

Awards must be added manualy, so the best way is the users to track their achievements and to send you PM with links about their accomplishements.

The IPB system has a plently of options and its quite awesome :) There are rankings, daily achievements done and many more. Real diamond and its free !

Those are just some examples of what can you do with this system :) It's up to you how to make it.

Good luck and remember - this wont work perfectly in every forum, but if you think that your ppl are rdy for it - try it out.

Remember: Aways intend not to provoke spamming :) Try to make ppl create usefull content with the awards - thats the best usage of it :)
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