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Not being tagged equivalents the notion of nowhere to be found these days. Seriously, you are not missing this tendency in social media, are you? Three letter combination up there flows everywhere in virtual reality and talking of social media, one exploiting the past tense form advertises itself as a gathering place for over 100 million people.

Metadata as important as it is for any website out there is not the only reason and the sole purpose of Tag. A matter of prestige in Denver, Colorado is to tag yourself in Tag restaurant, claiming to provide „social food“. The dot is missing and it redirects you to clothing online butique selling „Retro Americana“ outfit. Decades before internet was invented that 3 symbols combo gained worldwide fame through Swiss manufacturer of watches and fashion accessories and even nowadays the repute of TAG Heuer doesn't wane.

Switching to acronym options, the competition for number one in recognition goes between Touch and Go (the expression, the band or kart racing) and Technical Advisory Group – unit of experts analyzing and searching for solution regarding specific problems. Not everyone should be tagged there. What or who would you tag?

Registrar: Namesilo, LLC

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Registered On: 2017-04-02

Expires: 2018-04-02

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Да се счита за ъп... Appraisal value му бил $1200, цената за Купи сега - $420, а за запазена цена си сложил $30...
Не ми се връзват тези суми, но гледайки развитието на темите ти за продажба явно далеч няма интерес към домейните ти на тези цени, пък дори и "премиум" :)
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