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I work full-time as a Facebook Ads Expert for a fast-growing US-based marketing agency. We have over 60 active clients at the time of this post and growing fast. To meet the constantly expanding needs of our agency, we're looking for several Video Editors who have experience in creating video ads for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, and know enough English to be able to communicate with our clients via chat and voice-based channels like Zoom.

Your work would consist of doing video creatives for Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns on short notice and with demanding deadlines ( when we give you an assingment, we'd expect the videos to be delivered within 2 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the task). We're currently working with two part-time US-based Creative Directors, but we're eager to add a few more people to the team to spread the work-load evenly across our different hires.

We're trying to accommodate the needs and schedules of our hourly hires as much as possible, as long as it doesn't hurt our clients' deadlines and projects.

You'd be paid either on hourly basis or per completed video( or multiple videos package)

Payments happen through the usual channels like PayPal, Revolut, invoinces in freelancing platforms and the likes.

You'd be required to work based on an example video template, a scripts, or by using your own creativity, depending on our needs for each project. You're going to be paid by project at first - i.e. you're getting paid faster.

For the perfect candidate this might turn into a long-term or even a full-time gig. And that's actually true, because we're kind of struggling with the demand for creatives.

If you'd like to be considered, please send me a personal message with the following information:
1. Your portfolio - ideally one showcasing your previous work on Facebook ads projects
2. Your availability ( hours per week)
3. Your price ( per hour, per video, per 3-4 videos package, per "same video in 1:1, 5:4 and 17:9 ratio" package etc.)
4. Your contact information
5, Your desired monthly salary if we decide to hire you full-time now or in the future

Replies in Bulgarian will be automatically dismissed - we can't accommodate people who won't be able to communicate directly with clients in English whenever needed.

It's a US-based agency, so our regular work time is between 16:00 PM and 24:00 PM Bulgarian time. You'd be expected to communicate with the team in those hours if there's a client's meeting or an agency meeting in which you're invited. But outside of meetings and urgent communicatins, you won't be expected to keep to that schedule.

Thank you for your attention and best of days!

EDIT: I'm being paid hourly to monitor this thread and deal with the hires, so I won't be losing my time to chat with people who haven't followed the 5-points instructions above. Please respect your time by respecting our time.

The approved candidates will be invited to a Zoom interviews.
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