What Is An Advertising Marketplace? Everything You Need To Know About Helio


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For businesses, whether big or small, advertising is an important vehicle for growth. It helps you reach potential customers, sell your products or services, and show your customers how you can fulfil their needs and solve their problems.​

When buying advertising, the ultimate goal is to generate awareness, create meaningful connections and help your customers understand how your service can make their life better!​

So when the time comes to get your message out to the world, where do you start?​

Advertising information is often hard to come by and speaking with multiple media owners is a time-consuming process. Having one easy place to start your search makes this a much simpler task and more and more companies are turning to advertising marketplaces like Helio to access hard-to-find advertising placements across media channels and environments.​

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How Helio Works​

For decades, business owners and marketing managers like you, have spent hours looking for advertising options to promote their business the hard way.​

Trawling the internet, communicating with multiple sellers and trying to get pricing on top of all that sees hours and hours drift away before you’ve even gotten started.​

Have you considered how much money that precious time is costing you?​

Enter Helio. Your one-stop shop for advertising options near you.​

Whether you’re a sole trader or a big business, the Helio Marketplace instantly connects you to a wide network of options at a price that suits you.​

No more wondering what might be available and how much it costs. Helio does the hard work so you don’t have to. Just enter the location you want to advertise, the dates you want to run and choose from hundreds of listings across multiple channels.​

Helio makes it easy to find and purchase campaigns that meet your needs and help you get noticed.​

What type of advertising can you buy?​

As an agnostic platform, Helio is built to offer options across the full media landscape.​

From out of home advertising including Roadside billboards, retail shopping centres, healthcare networks and transit, as well as Sporting stadiums, radio campaigns, print, podcasts and more, Helio’s mission is to help make your marketing efforts easier.​

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With verified partners, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're working with a reputable seller.​

Our goal is to provide more value than just adspace for your business or product - we want you to buy with confidence knowing your campaigns will be displayed on quality assets that deliver your desired impressions and exposure.​

Book and find advertising in minutes.​

Say goodbye to endless hours of looking for ad spaces, calling, and negotiating. With Helio, you can buy advertising in just a few clicks.​

We've built an intuitive interface that allows you to buy ads on the go from your desktop or mobile device.​

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Transparent pricing.​

Since we've eliminated the back and forth, you don't have to wait and negotiate to get access to the advertising rates.​

You can filter the search result that best matches your ad budget and you can choose to run a campaign from daily, weekly, monthly and annually.​

Have a weekend sale? Simply select the 2 or 3 days you need and spend your money at the optimum time to drive customers and sales.​

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Select the right audience for your campaign.​

Ensuring you purchase advertising that reaches your target customers, each listing has an audience section with media kits (presentations of the media package) that includes key demographic information, daily impressions, dwell time, and more. This important information will help you make an informed decision before making your purchase.​

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Secure payment system.​

With Helio, pay safely by credit card as a guest user, or enjoy waved booking fees and invoice terms with Helio pro.​

Helio protects both buyers and sellers by holding the funds until a campaign is delivered leaving you safe in the knowledge that delivery of your advertising package is protected before Helio releases funds.​

We're also PCI compliant so your information is safe with us!​

Fast and reliable customer support.​

We know how important it is for businesses and products to get in front of potential customers as quickly as possible — which is why we always strive to provide fast turnaround times with your inquiries or issues.​

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us today – our team is always on hand and happy to help.​