Which web hosting companies do you prefer?

Your favorite worldwide hosting companies?

  • DreamHost

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  • DowntownHost

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  • Geek Storage

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  • GreenGeeks

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  • IXwebHosting

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  • Hawkhost

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  • Hostmonsnter

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  • Siteground

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  • iPage

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  • WebHostingHub

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  • Yahoo! Hosting

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От: Which web hosting companies do you prefer?

In the past I have used GoDaddy only to purchase domain names, but now all my domains are purchased via NameCheap because of the more user-friendly management and the control I have. Also, I have used Site5 and I have good impressions with them, their plans are flexible and they offer a lot of different extra services with no additional cost. For me the best hosting company should offer different hosting packages (both shared and reseller) at very reasonable price, along with an option to purchase VPS or a dedicated server. Also, it should provide 24/7 support if needed (despite of the fact that I manage all my websites and servers myself and when I have access I do not need much support).


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In UK, there are several hosting companies that I could recommend, if you want to get UK hosting and get well-ranked there. One f the best companies there are:

1. webhost.uk.net
2. infrenion.com
3. rshosting.com
4. webhosting.uk.net
5. eukhost.com
6. uk2.net
7. justhost.com (already listed in the pool)
8. lunarpages.co.uk
9. inmotionhosting.com
10. webhostinghub.com

From the listed above, I can recommend only the first four. I haven't used the others, just having good impressions from the recommended. :)

Also, you can see this URL: webhostdir.co.uk. Enjoy the list.