Who are AV-Comparatives and waht they do?


When we talk about antivirus and antispam softwares I often mention one site, that I want to share here. We all know that the security is necessary. Hope to like my little review here:


are an independent organization, providing tests of the most popular antispam software programs. The brands they do test with are AhnLab, avast!, AVG, AVIRA ,BitDefender ,BullGuard ,eScan, ESET ,Fortinet ,F-Secure ,G DATA ,GFI ,Kaspersky ,McAfee, Microsoft, Panda, PC Tools, Sophos, Trend Micro, Webroot. In other words - the most popular one in the IT security industry.

On their site you can see independent and comparative tests of the antivirus softwares made on a regular bases. All of the listed products there claim to be the best ones of the Anti-Virus market nowadays. If an anti-virus program want to be in their lists, it should meet specific criterias.

If you are planning to buy such a program, AV-Comparatives could point you to the right solution satifiaing all of your needs. The reviews there will give you a clue what are the weak and strong features of the softwares; put it in categories and tables. A great way to get familiar with every single antivirus program in details. All of this give the full information user could need in his choice.

AV-Comparatives is an Australian independent organization, reviewing antivirus softwares and proving in for free. Their site is available in several languages - English, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese. More information of the reports and reviews you can see here: http://www.av-comparatives.org/en/comparativesreviews

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I know this site, and haven't visited for a long time. Just because I use only one antivirus program for many years - Avira. The home edition is free, it is fast and light, and have a lot of data base (malware lists). When I chose it it was #1 antivirus software in 2009, I think. ;) The best I know are - Avira, Norton (but don't know how is now), ESET (NOD32 and Smart Security), McAfee, Kaspersky (but to heavy), Microsoft, BitDefender. If I will recommend an antivirus program, will be some of the mentioned. Don't know what most use, and that's why will stat and poll here. Just to see which is the most popular amount webmasters. :)

Please vote here: http://www.predpriemach.com/showthread.php?t=45218


I was using AVIRA, ESET and AVG. With the last one I wasn't so happy, the others - I am. :) I am with Linux with more than 3 years and do not use any of the mentioned. Still visiting the site, just to know which one is leader and how does the list go, but haven't install an antivirus program for the past 2 year on some of my PCs. Well, I do install some of the mentioned in the poll program, but in friends PCs. :) You know why. :)