Why you WON’T make it as a Freelancer!


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You will not get there!

99.9% of the freelancing market is completely dominated by cheap working uneducated Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi, or how I like to call them — people from the BIP (Bangladesh India Pakistan); or simply BIPs.

These people work for $5 USD /hour, and with that $5 USD they eat for a whole week. For $100 USD in India you can buy a car, literally. And for $200 USD in Bangladesh you can eat chicken for a whole year. Everything is pennies. Low cost garbage food, accommodation and services. That sums it up.

If you hire someone from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, you will always have problems communicating and dealing with them in general. Their culture is also different and it is a backward culture.

The freelancing sites are also full of cheating scum. Regarding cheating, they create jobs from another account and pay themselves basically. I've seen this happening many times.

The big question is why do people still keep hiring Indians and other freelancers from these locations when they're cheating and do extremely low quality work?

The social and economic anxiety is great in the Third World, and many Europeans, Americans, Canadians and Australians think that giving work to non-whites and making them richer, even allowing them to come here in the "White World" physically — is a good deed, an act of great kindness. But is that really good?

Giving work to Third Worlders who work for pennies?

It is like a father who thinks he is a good person when he feeds his children with candy and chocolaty-bonbons. It seems that's what the kids like and want. But, having been fed with candy, the kids become sick and unhealthy, fat and ugly and damaged because artificial sugar wrecks their bodies. Thus it is a short-sighted and a completely false perception and ultimately a destructive act rather than "a great act of good".

Jobs and projects (Gigs) are given preferably to BIPs (Bangladeshi, Indians and Pakistanis) and other Third Worlders not because they're better, more hard-working or smarter than us. It's because of pity, which turns on the people who feel sorry for them, because it's we who will suffer at the end. It's we who won't have jobs and won't be able to work and pay our bills and feed our children, and we who will have work poorly done and products cheaply made, that will either not function properly as they should, or they'll simply break. It's we who'll have failed projects and destroyed businesses and reputation.

Moral values is not something very well known in the Third World.

And it's really sad to see how a Pakistani who knows 5 words of English gets hired for a job or project, when Americans, Bulgarians, Russians, Greeks and others get rejected because "they're white" or "not poor enough".

And sadly it's not happening only in the digital world. Importing cheap work labor and more consumers is another aspect for the many reasons why we have non-stop third world immigration in the first place.


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nice joke