20 Article Directories With PR5 Or Higher


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Hey fellow marketers. Just wanted to share this nice list of article directories that allow dofollow links back to your site. Articles are great for SEO but not all article directories are created equal. Here is a list of high ranking article directories with a minimum page rank of 5. Enjoy!

1. articlesalley.com
2. suite101.com
3. ezinearticles.com
4. articlesbase.com (With 10 articles, will change to do-follow)
5. articlecity.com
6. isnare.com
7. buzzle.com
8. helium.com
9. site-reference.com
10. articleslash.net
11. thewhir.com/find/articlecentral
12. a1articles.com
13. sooperarticles.com
14. searchwarp.com
15. articlesnatch.com
16. articlealley.com
17. articledashboard.com
18. selfgrowth.com/articles.html
19. ideamarketers.com
20. bukisa.com

Good luck marketers. :)


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Thanks for the list as I am planning to start submission articles on popular directories soon. ;)