3 most important things when you are choosing web hosting

3 most important things when you are choosing web hosting?

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Yesterday Ii was written a long post about what are the solutions in different web hostings. I launched a pool here (a copy from the BG version of the forum), where you can choose up to three option. You should only choose those that are most important to you when you are buying web hosing. Yes, I know that everyone want to have all of those, and it is normal, but the idea of the pool is to show the 3 most important features.

For example:

Your hosting company provides you with 10 backups, cpanel + litespeed + cloudlinux + installers (around $140 per server), gives a lot of space to use

We want to know which 3 from the following feature are the most valuable for you when choosing your next web hosting? And of course, we will appreciate it to know why. Give us your opinion here, after leaving your vote. Here they are (with a short description):

High speed - the speed that sites are open and server can take connections at one time.
Low CPU Usage - the process time, measured in clock ticks or seconds.
Easy to use Control Panel - simple and easy to manage and use control panel.
Simple program installer - an easy-to-use installer, helping you get your WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, Joomla and etc. within few seconds.
Hosting space - space, where you web site / blog / other resource will be placed.
Low price - how much are you ready to pay for your web hosting?
Many backups - making backups frequently is important when you need your data when you need it.
High level of security (antivurus, anti-malware, application firewall) - security is one of the most important things when we need our site to be protected and unhackable.
Fast support - fast, professional and ready to help at any time support.
Extras (free SSL, vouchers, promo codes and more) - everything more is welcome, right? Like Google AdWords vouchers, domain promo codes, free SSLs, mails and more.

Thanks for your time, vote and opinion you are about to leave in this thread. All the best to you.
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Gave my votes - speed, support, good installer. Everyone will agree that installing programs with 2-3 clicks saves time and keeps errors less. :)


От: 3 most important things when you are choosing web hosting

I would add - the Inodes issues (number of files on the server). I am talking about shared hosting.
Many web hosts give you 'unlimited' space but I use this space only for storing websites' files (small on size but many in quantity), so I am interested in the number of files which I can store on the server. It's impossble for me to reach any web space limit with websites.
Recently I had an issue with a wordpress blog, having about 60k image files, from which only around 8k were the original images (WP and its themes often make lots of thumbnails for a single image).
Also caching files could be quite big in quantity. So my files on the server easily passed through the 180k inodes barrier from 3 not so big websites, all of them no more than a year old.
This hosting account is the medium package of shared hosting of one of the biggest Bulgarian hosting companies, I think that 180k is much higher than most of the other hosts.
1. Backups (more than 20-30 days old)
2. hosting space (allowed inodes)
3. Fast support.