7 Reasons Why Bing is Better Images Search Engine Than Google


The Senior Program Manager of Bing Meenaz Merchant is giving a deep look of why Bing is better image search engine than Google. He gives it a 7 points, where you can see for yourself. As you know, Google is still the leader in the list of search engines, but we should know that others have their features as well.

Interesting things you should know about Bing:

  • Bing receives millions of searches per day from across the Web;
  • 10% of Bing's searches are for images;
  • 40% of people click on search results, that include images or videos.

Merchant give the technical details:

Entity Understanding
Bing could notice does the search is about a person, some place,, subject, thing. The results are entirely based on that knowledge.

Huge Data
Bing includes in its results image click data from the whole web as well as from social signals, while Google image search does not go into accounts of the users to look up for this information, it simply uses the visual and text features.

Computer Vision Technologies
The images given in search results of Bing are similar to those that the human brain sees them. In order to deliver better accurate results, the search engine use deep learning to interpret high dimensional data from the real world to understand well the images.

Thematic Intent Focus
A great feature here is that Bing could understand better the intent of a person’s search. That way the image search is not regular Web search at all. They capture the broader theme of the search and match it to text and image features that have the same theme.

Exact and Near Duplicates
Bing is also an expert in recognizing exact duplicates as well as duplicate images. This s great, because the user sees only uniques and filtered images in the search results.

Bing is able to show multiple images at a glance, which they say is what people prefer over having to dig through web pages to find the right image.

Quality of Image
Bing shows the user a full, high-quality image after the first click instead of having to click through multiple pages to get the best quality image. They go as far as to say that their algorithm prefers high-quality images.

Resource: searchenginejournal.com

Is there any other feature that Bing is better search engine than Google, ASK, Yahoo and others? Could you think of something else? If you do, please leave your comment here. You can write if you want to share something from your experience as well.
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